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  1. This is a very good question and there is a proper technical answer: Automatically, your going to want the wide angle primes for landscape and architecture.... and to capture all that is going on. The possibilities are endless and you will want to capture for the viewer "what its like being there" which can only be done with a good wide angle. So for starters: XF 16mm f/1.4 XF 23mm f/1.4 are a must. The XF 16mm is absolutely indespensibe. I would consider getting an even wider lense. Perhaps the XF 14mm.... or a Rokinon 12mm F2. For APC sensor, 16mm equates to 24mm Full Frame Im sure you are aware. I would go wider. The XF 23mm translates to roughly a 35mm Full Frame and that will be indespensible for street shooting. Even though the XF 35mm is one of Fuji's finest lenses and gets so much praise, I would leave it home. Frankly, a 50mm focal length will be the least neccessary -considering landscape & architecture where you already have a 35mm equivalent. Next, I would ask myself do I want portraits and images with bokeh ? If not I would leave behind the 56mm and the 90mm and just go with the 50--140mm zoom. At F2.8 Fuji gives nice Bokeh anyway and you've just eliminated two lenses with one that will do all your tight angle shots and distance telephoto. I would strongly consider aquiring a 12 or 14mm wide angle and then go XF16mm, XF 23mm, and leave the portrait primes home and finish with XF50-140mm my 2 cents.
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