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  1. I leave my most used custom settings at DR100% specifically to avoid the situation you encountered, and will switch it when needed. Obviously indoors you may want to change it to have more shadow detail, but that can incur a tradeoff of high ISOs as in your shot. Outdoors, you may want to up the DR to capture more architectural details without blowing out the sky for example, and in that case the ISO may not matter much as it will likely still be pretty low. I still just leave my defaults at 100 though.
  2. Also, what is your dynamic range set to? Judging by the shadows under the menu and on her face, that doesn't look like 100% to me. If you have it set to Auto or 400% that could be costing you a couple of stops worth of ISO.
  3. On Canon when you press the Menu button, it takes you to the last menu item you were viewing, which for me is often Format Card. Even if Fuji can't do the press and hold two button thing like Nikon, it should be easy to have it return to the last menu item in a firmware update, or at least have that as an option. On my X-T1 I set almost everything with the dials or Q button so I hate having to dig through the menu just to format a card.