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  1. after hours of testing you were 100 percent right i'll try to get more of my review soon as far as the photos i have a problem every time it try to make my photos smaller to fit here they are filled of distortions it have to spent some time figuring it out
  2. well dumb me it should be xt1 sorry about that
  3. will wonders never cease while on a trip to jasper canada by happenstance I met a photographer with a xt2 we had long chats each morning in the coffee shop. I expressed my feeling about the xt1 graphite I had resiliently purchased this gentleman was doing the same thing I was testing a new camera the weather was unusually warm so I count not give the the camera a honest test He assured me the xt1 was excellent in cold weather. today I received and early xmas present He sent me a black hat with the fuji logo on it it seems he has a contact with fuji in some way Bravo
  4. excellent composition great colors
  5. I will take your good console I try to get out of the house  to do some testings  some how I jammed up with pre vacation duties Just received a half case from Japan    I am impressed a plastic body  with a insulation sandwiched in between to layers and a padding of some kind on the inside  I received it as a gift fits perfectly will send in some photos soon   thanks your help 0h PS I had coffee this AM with a couple that lives in alaska  when I told him many have stated the the xt1 is NOT  weather resistant ---- both these very nice  people  they  said some lens are not water resistant  wowed me with an album of photos taken  in a major blizzard  60 mile an hours wind  horizontal snow  15 below f for 2 hours on snowmobiles--- no problem  they smiled  at the remark the xt1 were not weather resistant  I am very impressed  I live in the rocky mountains I ruined 2 dslrs so its a worry for me  both owned canon, nikon gear and sold it all of to buy one xt1 each ans bag full of lens
  6.  metering, spot , matrix, wide  I have been testing the camera with  different lens etc   reading as many  books as I can find  most claim wide metering  for landscapes but not all  !!!!!! many claim  that wind angle lens  require a wide metering setting (16mm) is a wide as I have) and  wide  metering setting for most all outside work  many  but not all!   your feeling on this subject would be great so far  I have seen in my sample shots very little difference slight  difference  in favorite in matrix time to the canadian trip is short and I have been strapped for time to  test
  7. 1st let me say this NOT a scientific review but rather   observations only! hope to take the xt1 to upper canada soon.  the body is very well made  solid  makes me feel confident  it will hold up to mountain hiking cold and snow tests on the 55 200 lens top shelf the 16 50  I purchased for  179.00$ in good light no problems!  I printed 4 photos taken this week sent them to  may favorite shop  very impressive started with 8x10 and up  what a relief !  I sold off all my full frame gear and lenses  my sony a7 failed big  time in extreme weather!  so have other  makes need to spent more time with camera I keep changing by by mistake  any have cold weather tips please forward  to me! 1st chance i get will send  some pics      Â
  8. John amore


    sharp clear perfect colors
  9. your looking very regal
  10. 1st shot taken I left quickly it was 82 f at my home when i left  and it was 40f with a 44 mile per hour wind and I had only a long sleeve shirt and shorts  ps this is Moose and black bear country I would have loved to post a moose or bear for you  sorry  maybe next time  camera so far is  earns a b+  and I don't know how to use it LOL one of the lens I ordered came in smashed waiting for a replacementÂ
  11. xti came in last night I am going to take it up to Indian peaks  about 9 thousand  to 10 feet may if I'm lucky  i will it get a Moose photo or a bear or a black squirrel  most likely  fall color LOL
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