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  1. Looks like its the same price as sold elsewhere so I guess when you looked they just had the wrong price listed , should have grabbed it quick, Amazon would probably have honoured the price
  2. Wow! Excellent work, I do so admire people like you that can produce such wonderful artwork.
  3. MrSteveVee

    Cotswold show 23.jpg

    Pretty neat, that would look good framed on the wall Steve V
  4. Best make sure you take them all in Black and White then !
  5. Yes we are the lucky ones that have known the pleasure of film, home development and the frustrations of printing and I now enjoy the immense flexibility of digital shooting, but I remember reading an interview with one of Kodak's big chiefs some years back when the company was in ruins and on the verge of bankruptcy. he was asked why Kodak had invested so much time and money into APS instead of investing in the growing digital media and he replied that as a company, they thought they still had many years of film left before digital took over, and they were totally unprepared for the speed in which it did. I think now to the likes of Nikon and such who do not make phones but cameras and lenses, and if no one wants compacts or DSLR's, what can they do to stop themselves falling into the same trap? They need the public masses for bulk sales to survive not just pro's and enthusiast sales. As I mentioned, I had no idea that phones had effectively killed the compact and small DSLR usage by the main public so quickly. I would hate this to happen, I am quite fond of Nikon and would like cameras to continue for a long time but how quickly is their market shrinking? Steve Â
  6. Walking around Riverview park in Kent (UK) from what I remember. Next time I'm around I'll see if I can find it again
  7. Haha fun walk with the missus
  8. It's amazing how things can change in such a short time. I have just came back from a 7 day break at Butlin’s in Skegness. It was a great hols and there were a lot of people there even though it was effectively school time. However what I did notice was the cameras, or rather, the lack of cameras in use. After a couple of days I realised I had not seen a single compact or DSLR in use, after that it became a bit of a challenge, spot the camera. During the seven days I was there, I counted 4, everybody else was using phone cameras to take pics, and there were a lot of pics being taken. As technology evolves, peoples needs change and they will always use the easiest and most convenient for sure but I wondered about the longevity of the camera manufacturers. Compact sales must have plummeted through the floor by now along with the cheaper end of the DSLR's. I guess the manufacturers must be fighting for the enthusiast and pro level markets now to make sales and both are probably near saturation so they need to be tempted over by ever more delectable upgrades, and lenses It's sad in a way, I foresee Cameras ending up like film, still in use but only by dwindling enthusiasts and the price rising whilst the manufacturer fights to keep going. In the forty odd years I have been shooting I have seen the Film industry collapse, APS film rise and fall, Photo labs go bust and Camera Manufacturers fold or merge. Now it looks like the very essence of the masses need to take photographs using a pure camera is shifting away. Steve
  9. MrSteveVee

    Kalifornia, 3/16

    Now that's a good shot, well taken
  10. Haha just read this thread and thought "what cap" yup i've lost mine too! - lol Had a quick look on eBay and there are a couple mentioned that might fit dispatched from the US. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-PC-flash-sync-socket-caps-fit-Canon-A-series-Pentax-/161183803143?hash=item25874da707:g:sAMAAOSwpDdVGw5p http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-PC-flash-sync-socket-caps-fit-Canon-A-series-Pentax-/151917193686?hash=item235ef869d6:g:7f4AAOSwstxVGw7i Steve V
  11. Yes they are the APS formats that the camera can provide. it is pretty standard in most APS cameras. The camera simulates a format and imbeds a code in the negative to state the format. When the APS is developed and printed, the print lab Machine will print the pic depending on the format it has detected. This from Wiki: The film is 24 mm wide, and has three image formats: H for "High Definition" (30.2 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 16:9; 4×7" print)C for "Classic" (25.1 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 3:2; 4×6" print)P for "Panoramic" (30.2 × 9.5 mm; aspect ratio 3:1; 4×11" print)The "C" and "P" formats are formed by cropping. The full image is recorded on the film, and an image recorded in one aspect ratio can be reprinted in another. The "C" format has an equivalent aspect ratio to a 135 film image. Most APS cameras (with the exception of some disposable cameras) can record all three formats; the format selection is indicated on the film by a series of exposed squares alongside the image area or recorded on the magnetic coating depending on the camera. In the absence of an operator-specified format, the machine printing an APS roll will use these indicators to determine the output format of each print.
  12. Why so unhappy? With the new camera there should be huge grins! Ahhh maybe you just got the credit card bill - lol Enjoy your new Camera Steve V
  13. That's a cracking shot. Reminds me of an old time poster advert , well done
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