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  1. Wow! Excellent work, I do so admire people like you that can produce such wonderful artwork.
  2. MrSteveVee

    Cotswold show 23.jpg

    Pretty neat, that would look good framed on the wall Steve V
  3. Best make sure you take them all in Black and White then !
  4. MrSteveVee

    Changing times, are cameras dying?

    Yes we are the lucky ones that have known the pleasure of film, home development and the frustrations of printing and I now enjoy the immense flexibility of digital shooting, but I remember reading an interview with one of Kodak's big chiefs some years back when the company was in ruins and on the verge of bankruptcy. he was asked why Kodak had invested so much time and money into APS instead of investing in the growing digital media and he replied that as a company, they thought they still had many years of film left before digital took over, and they were totally unprepared for the speed in which it did. I think now to the likes of Nikon and such who do not make phones but cameras and lenses, and if no one wants compacts or DSLR's, what can they do to stop themselves falling into the same trap? They need the public masses for bulk sales to survive not just pro's and enthusiast sales. As I mentioned, I had no idea that phones had effectively killed the compact and small DSLR usage by the main public so quickly. I would hate this to happen, I am quite fond of Nikon and would like cameras to continue for a long time but how quickly is their market shrinking? Steve
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    Sergeant Post-Box!

    Walking around Riverview park in Kent (UK) from what I remember. Next time I'm around I'll see if I can find it again
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    Would you Adam and Eve it

    Haha fun walk with the missus
  7. It's amazing how things can change in such a short time. I have just came back from a 7 day break at Butlin’s in Skegness. It was a great hols and there were a lot of people there even though it was effectively school time. However what I did notice was the cameras, or rather, the lack of cameras in use. After a couple of days I realised I had not seen a single compact or DSLR in use, after that it became a bit of a challenge, spot the camera. During the seven days I was there, I counted 4, everybody else was using phone cameras to take pics, and there were a lot of pics being taken. As technology evolves, peoples needs change and they will always use the easiest and most convenient for sure but I wondered about the longevity of the camera manufacturers. Compact sales must have plummeted through the floor by now along with the cheaper end of the DSLR's. I guess the manufacturers must be fighting for the enthusiast and pro level markets now to make sales and both are probably near saturation so they need to be tempted over by ever more delectable upgrades, and lenses It's sad in a way, I foresee Cameras ending up like film, still in use but only by dwindling enthusiasts and the price rising whilst the manufacturer fights to keep going. In the forty odd years I have been shooting I have seen the Film industry collapse, APS film rise and fall, Photo labs go bust and Camera Manufacturers fold or merge. Now it looks like the very essence of the masses need to take photographs using a pure camera is shifting away. Steve
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    Sergeant Post-Box!

    Haha bit of fun :)
  9. MrSteveVee

    Kalifornia, 3/16

    Now that's a good shot, well taken
  10. Haha just read this thread and thought "what cap" yup i've lost mine too! - lol Had a quick look on eBay and there are a couple mentioned that might fit dispatched from the US. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-PC-flash-sync-socket-caps-fit-Canon-A-series-Pentax-/161183803143?hash=item25874da707:g:sAMAAOSwpDdVGw5p http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10-PC-flash-sync-socket-caps-fit-Canon-A-series-Pentax-/151917193686?hash=item235ef869d6:g:7f4AAOSwstxVGw7i Steve V
  11. Yes they are the APS formats that the camera can provide. it is pretty standard in most APS cameras. The camera simulates a format and imbeds a code in the negative to state the format. When the APS is developed and printed, the print lab Machine will print the pic depending on the format it has detected. This from Wiki: The film is 24 mm wide, and has three image formats: H for "High Definition" (30.2 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 16:9; 4×7" print)C for "Classic" (25.1 × 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 3:2; 4×6" print)P for "Panoramic" (30.2 × 9.5 mm; aspect ratio 3:1; 4×11" print)The "C" and "P" formats are formed by cropping. The full image is recorded on the film, and an image recorded in one aspect ratio can be reprinted in another. The "C" format has an equivalent aspect ratio to a 135 film image. Most APS cameras (with the exception of some disposable cameras) can record all three formats; the format selection is indicated on the film by a series of exposed squares alongside the image area or recorded on the magnetic coating depending on the camera. In the absence of an operator-specified format, the machine printing an APS roll will use these indicators to determine the output format of each print.
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    No Selfie Stick Used

    Why so unhappy? With the new camera there should be huge grins! Ahhh maybe you just got the credit card bill - lol Enjoy your new Camera Steve V
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    That's a cracking shot. Reminds me of an old time poster advert , well done
  14. MrSteveVee

    New X-Pro1 (to me)

    Yup just posted now (was a delay getting it formatted) try not to fall asleep. its long and says little !!! - lol Steve V
  15. Corrections: There is a Select ALL on the thumbs After I rebooted my old Tablet, I have found that once an image has been displayed once (4 secs) , it will redisplay very quickly if scrolling back and forth through full screen images at about 1 sec each which is very good. I do not know if there is a speed/image amount limit to the cache First findings with the 32gb FlashAir W-03 with the X-Pro1 Hi all. This is not a review or a comparison, it is just a few findings that I have made using the FlashAir on an X-Pro1 that some may find useful as it’s some of the info I was looking for. Also note that I have only used the card a few times at the moment and therefore not extensively so bear that in mind Now first I must mention that my reason for trying the the Wifi card is not for ease of downloads, I am not interested in downloading all the Images from the camera to a tablet/phone or PC, I wanted the ability to view an Image that I have just taken on a larger screen so that I can adjust camera/lightings etc. without having to plug the camera into the USB each time. Secondly a Big BIG Note. DONT format the card (yup I did !!) Setup and instructions Pretty poor from the box. It basically says download the app and follow the instructions. However, the android app is fairly straight forward. Run App, switch on camera (with card inserted) and the App finds the card. Give the card its SSID name and password. Turn off camera, unload and re-load card, switch on and the app will find and connect Note2. When entering the password, the displayed text is protected so you cannot see the contents as you type them, only asterisks. Why is beyond me, it’s on android app and therefore only runs on a tablet or phone and it’s not like I got a cluster of people all vying for position to see what I type in is it! If there was I could move right? Additionally you can only get to type the password in once, there is no repeat to make sure you typed it in correctly so get it right first time or you will not be able to connect from anything else! That’s pretty Naf to me! However, assuming you did everything ok your android device will connect when you launch the App without need to re-enter passwords etc. There are additional settings that can be made in the App using a menu, however the option to display the menu (the normal three dot on the RHS) was visible only when running on an old 10.1 tablet but was not visible (and thus not accessible) when running on my brothers 7inch tablet. I did not many of these additional settings so cannot comment on them although there appears to be a setting and another password setup for a master display of some sort. As said, I have not used any of these so cannot comment PC Utility There is supposed to be a PC tools utility on the Card. I cannot verify this as during my first tests I formatted the card to delete the test pics and LOST THE LOT INCLUSING THE CARD OPERATIONAL SOFTWARE! haha DOH! After five minutes of running around in a panic I found and downloaded a copy of the tools from the Fuji website. The tools allow you to format the card and it also puts all the operational software back on the card apart from the PC tools utility (as you are already running it and this don’t need it I guess) From now on I must remember to delete all Images not format as I normally do. Connectivity, time out and switching on/off Apparently the card will switch on when the camera is switched on and, If no one connects it will switch off after 5 minutes. Additionally there is an Image on the card that is delete protected. If you undelete the image the card will not switch on when you switch on the camera. The Image needs to be delete protected to allow the card to switch on. I could NOT get this to work. I tried both delete protected and unprotected. Switched the camera off/on after each change but the card switched on every time. This "may" be because I reformatted with the tools but I doubt it. |To overcome this setback I have changed the timeout from 5 minutes to 1 minute. 1 minute is ample time to connect so that will work fine for me. By using the unprotect image option I can foresee myself deleting the image inadvertently anyway so this is probably for the best How it works Well if you are still reading this and not fallen asleep, this is the bit you want to know! The card broadcasts itself as a Wi-Fi connection hotspot. If you look on your phone or tablet for Wi-Fi connections, you will see the SSID name that you gave your card as a Wi-Fi connection point. You can therefore connect to this from any Wi-Fi enabled device. More on this in a bit when I tried the PC connection I was using the Android Tablet running the FlashAir App. The App connected to the Camera within seconds and you can display the Camera folder (you can also display the tablet device folder if you wish although not explored this) Important Note. The device has now connected to the card via Wi-Fi and the device has therefore lost any other Wi-Fi connections it may have had. Additionally, as the device is now connected to Wi-Fi the device will have switched off any 3G connections. You are therefore the device is in solitary connections with the card only and cannot access the web/cloud. Apparently within the additional settings in the App there is a way to set up a pass-through to allow connectivity to the Web. Unfortunately, my tablet cannot connect to 3G and the 7inch could not display the menu settings so I have not been able to test this yet Important note. The Flashair/Camera combination is not a shoot/transmit The Flashair is basically a hotspot showing the camera folder as a web folder. If you want to see or do anything with the folder contents you need to do this externally. The Camera/Card will not do anything From the Camera take some shots. On the App you will find that nothing has happened (as per the note) you need to go into the app and hit the refresh button. The App will then look at the Camera/Card folder and display thumbnails of all the images in the folder. These thumbs can be viewed in two ways, either thumbnail only or as a list with details. The thumbnail only view gives a slightly bigger thumb view but still is a bit on the small side. There appears to be no option to resize the thumbs in the App scroll through the thumbs select the one you want, tap and it will be downloaded and displayed full screen size on your device. once displayed full screen size, you can then swipe left/right to look at other images, each one will be downloaded to display. Download speed for Jpegs (full size) is quite good from my perspective, it takes about 4 seconds to display the full Image. Remember however that each image gets downloaded as you view it even if previously viewed as you scroll through the list back and forth. Now this seems to mean to me that the Camera/Card are acting like a web. Therefore, each time you pick an image it will need to download the image unless the image happens to be stored within the device’s cache memory at that time Also note, when the Image is downloaded to display it is not downloaded to the device storage, it was downloaded to memory only just like a web access. If you want to save an Image to the device internal storage, you need to tap the full size image first. This will display a sub menu at the top allowing download/share this selected image When download was selected, the App downloaded the image a second time to store it. Storing needs more investigation. It appears that you have the option in settings to store auto or to a stated folder. I tried Auto and spent ages with a file App trying to locate it – lol . However as mentioned, I am not interested in this option so only tried it to report to you guys. Also note from what I remember there seemed to be a tick box that you can select if you long pressed a thumbnail when in thumbnail list view. This implies that you might be able to select several Images to download in batch, although you still need to select each image you want with a long press, I did not see any select all option This may be a problem for users wishing some form of auto download but for my requirements it seemed fine. In my test scenario workflow, I would take some sample shots, hit refresh on the Tablet, press the first of the new thumbnails to display the first one then swiped across to display the others in turn with a delay of around 4 seconds between each as the image was downloaded. Quite acceptable for my requirements PC access. You can access the card as a web page from a PC that has Wi-Fi connectivity. I connected to the Card with a laptop, started a browser and went to the default location as instructed of HTTP://flashair this displays the folder. Then I just clicked into the folder to display the thumbs and clicked on a thumb to display the Image PC problems. The first problem is, that the image downloaded is the full size, ie size of a brick wall. You get to see just a massive zoomed in image at full size and have to resize the image to fit to screen view. However this has nothing to do with FlashAir. I am accessing the card via the Internet browser so it is my browser settings that would need to change to display as a fit to screen if possible, the camera/card is only supplying the image it has nothing to do with the presentation of it. The second problem is that I could not see any way to download the image. Again this might be an internet browser problem as I right clicked on the image (windows) and there was no download option, or maybe its a FlashAir security problem (like you get when you try to download copywrite images) and that master display option that I have not tried has some bearing Additionally, the card seemed to have a few problems when more than one device was connected and the devices lost the Wi-Fi hotspot. I had to switch off/on the camera to reboot the connections I have only spent much time in PC connectivity so there may be better/workarounds for these problems and there is that Master display option that does something that I have not used Conclusion so far For my usage its ideal. I can scroll through the thumbs, select an image and display it on my tablet to see how it has been composed/lit etc. or scroll through the images full screen with a pause of 4 seconds or so between images, it’s ideal as I have no need to download it any further than display. For people wanting to download all Images to process then this may not be the right tool as download appears (at this time) to be a select and download rather than an auto download. I "think" Eye-Fi does this Any questions gladly answered if I can and if I find any more nuggets of useful stuff I can report back if interested. If anyone wants any tests done (within reason - lol) Happy to try, but remember I only have Windows 10 Laptop Microsoft Mobile phone and an old Android Tablet Thanks for reading Steve V