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  1. Visited Siem Reap last month. Some pics below. More here: http://spode.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/cambodia-revisited
  2. A few snaps from this past Sunday.
  3. Last week I visited HK. Sample shots below: More here: http://spode.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/hong-kong
  4. ateesht

    Soft case for X 70 ?

    Might want to try this one: OP/TECH USA 8201114 Soft Pouch Body Cover
  5. ateesht

    X70 image thread

    Very nice shot. What time of day?
  6. No. but it does look pretty similar.
  7. Alex, these were processed from RAW. If you are already invested in the Fuji system and are comfortable processing their files with your preferred software, then you will probably live this camera. If not, be warned that you will need to spend many hours getting used to the XTrans files. I use a lens hood - Haoge LH- X49B. I find this more compact than Fuji's own.
  8. ateesht

    X70 image thread

    Visited Gardens by the Bay last night. Quite impressed with these handheld night shots.
  9. ateesht

    X70 image thread

    2 more from Bangkok.
  10. Thanks for the comment. The last picture is very busy and has a lot going on. In fact the whole area was also quite dark except for one sliver of sunlight that entered through an opening or tear in the roof. When this lady made her way through and the sunlight caught her hair, I was attracted to the contrast to the rest of the scene. Other than her flaming hair, she was a lotus of style in a sea of everydayness.
  11. I visited Bangkok after many years, this time armed with the X70. Some pics below: More here: http://spode.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/bangkok-weekend
  12. ateesht

    X70 image thread

    Not just a street shooter. Quite versatile in tight spots.
  13. ateesht

    X70 image thread

    Thanks Marco. In regards to the selfie, I meant it tongue in cheek. I know this camera is touted as a "great camera for selfies" because of its tilting screen, but I never take selfies. The window was actually part of a ground floor apartment in Tiong Bahru (Singapore).
  14. Though we be few, let's post our most recent images taken with the X70 here. A reflected selfie to start.