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  1. Hi Artuk that makes complete sense. Culling through the wedding now and I found another photo with a similar situation with the guest firing off his flash. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you Artuk for the explanation, yes I was using electronic shutter. If someone did fire their flash at that moment how did it create a "box of light"? I would have expected the light to be in a form of a horizontal row across the whole image, am I wrong? Thank you again for your reply!
  3. Thanks for your replies. No this was the only frame from the sequence, actually this is the first time this has ever happened. Not too sure what you mean by video camera "projector mode" but this seems like it's in camera. Curious if anyone else has had something similar happen?
  4. Hi everyone, Shooting a wedding yesterday and noticed this image on the back of my screen.  Do you see you the square box of light on the bride's dress? At first I thought maybe it was just a processing error on the camera only effecting the JPEG's but after bringing the raw file into LR realized it has effected that file as well.  No other images contain the same "light box", Maybe it was caused by a guest's flash but wondering how it only appeared in this unique shape.  Has anyone every seen or experienced this? Â
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