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  1. Listings that are way below market and where the seller has only a few reviews are usually a scam. I am not sure how this one works but with some searching you would probably find out.
  2. I wouldn't mind if I could disable most of the view modes or if I could use the "view mode" button to just switch between LCD and EVF. Reprogramming would be very good too.
  3. Makes me wonder how I would go about doing this myself.
  4. Can you do this on purpose or is it just luck?
  5. That would be nice but I have never heard about such a thing. I wonder if it's possible to reverse engineer what the remote app does.
  6. Good point. 10mm on a full frame would be insanely wide.
  7. The 30 seconds delay is strange. My X-T2 goes through all the shots quickly. There is no delay.
  8. I think the 10-24 gives you more options. I would take the 16 only if I needed low light capability or shallow depth of field.
  9. There are WR lenses and non-WR lenses. So one should be able to assume that a WR lens is probably a better option for bad conditions than a non-WR one. If the label is totally meaningless they should drop it.
  10. Nobody really knows. There is no exact definition. I have seen videos where they held a Pentax with lens right under a faucet to clean off dust but I haven't seen anything like this with Fuji.
  11. The 18-135 focuses quite close especially with an extension tube. the 50-230 is not bad either.
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