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  1. Thank You All for your responses! I had some surgeries and was laid up for awhile. I have been taking pictures on birds on my feeders, some good some not so good. Still learning and trying different settings. I did get the book suggested and a lot of information to process. Thanks Again, John
  2. Hi, I am a Newbie to this forum with a won in a contest Fuji X10.Besides the basic point and shoot cameras I was use to this is out of my comfort zone. I am physically disabled and mostly homebound in the farmland area of Northwest NJ. I do take a lot of pictures at family functions etc.We started going to live concerts the last 2 years with me in my motorized wheelchair. (I have difficulty walking, standing from a severe work accident in 97) I have taken 100's of pictures at the concerts and we have one coming up in September. I also sit outside or inside by my backdoor taking pictures of the wildlife lately. We have all kinds of beautiful colored birds, chipmunks, baby squirrels,etc. We have had a Doe with her 2 fawns hang around and last fall, black bears, one outside my backdoor messing around with a huge beehive. If it wasn't for my mixed rescued dog from Mississippi, who must have some hunting genes in her, who pointed and started growling, I would have become close friends with the bear. So there is a lot of things going on right outside my backdoor. Now all I have to do is learn how to get all the benefits of this complex camera, to this newbie. So any tips or pointers would be appreciated. I have read the short novel of the manual a couple of times, with some understanding and a lot of confusion. I have also been learning to use Adobe Elements 14 to try and organize 15 + years of photos on old hard drives and USB flash drives. Thank You, Mojo
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