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  1. Zoeker

    Indicator light

    To be sure that we are talking about the same indicator lamp, I will send the relevant section of the manual below. The indicator lamp is on the top right. When the viewfinder is not in use, the indicator lamp shows camera status. Glows green Focus locked. Blinks green Blur, focus, or exposure warning. Picture can be taken. Blinks green and orange Recording pictures. Additional pictures can be taken. Glows orange Recording pictures. No additional pictures can be taken at this time. Blinks orange Flash charging; flash will not fire when picture is taken. Blinks red Lens or memory error. Warnings may also appear in the display.
  2. Zoeker

    Indicator light

    Thanks for your reply. However I do'nt understand what you mean with "Against my personal code". The sound is on in the menu.
  3. Since I am color blind, I do not see the difference between green, red and orange. If I want to take a photo with my X-T10 camera and look at the LCD screen, the indicator light will blink and I do not know what color this has and what is the result. After all, page 7 of the manual states that the colors have different meanings. The strange thing is that when I look through the viewfinder I do not see a light on which would mean that I can just take the picture. So the conclusion is that when I look through the LCD screen and the light flashes green, for example, I do not see it, then the photos become blurred, while when I look at the same situation with the same settings by the viewfinder, there is no question from a blurry photo. All this is in conflict with each other. Where does my reasoning go wrong?
  4. Zoeker

    Raf to Jpeg

    I know, but it is easier to edit the picture outside the camera in a seperate program.
  5. Zoeker

    Raf to Jpeg

    Thanks, I installed The software of Silkypix and it works.
  6. How can I convert the raf files to jpeg files on my Mac? Does exist special software? My camera is a X-T10
  7. Zoeker


    Marco Debiasi thank you for your explanatione and Kw1W1_Mk2 I shall follow your advise and contact Flysurfer.
  8. A few time ago I bouht the book of Rico Pfirstinger "Fujifilm X-T10 115 X-Pert Tips" On the pages 82 and 83 he describes Misomatic. However I do'nt understand this article. I am dutch and my English not so good. Can somebody explain me this mode.
  9. Thank you, I am very happy with yourr answer.
  10. A couple weeks ago I bought the X-T10 and therefore the book "FujiFilm X-T10 of Rico Pfirstinger. In this book he refers to the pdf file mentionned by veejacee. However this page is not found. Does somebody knows where to find this handbook?