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  1. Ok my wife loves bats (go figure) any way I’ve booked her in at Chester zoo to get up close and personal and feed the bats in there bat house. I’d like to video it using my xt2 but I’ve never used the video function yet, the bat house is nearly pitch black, has anyone got any advise on how I should set the xt2 up to be able to film her and the bats. Cheers
  2. I don't really need the extra buffer or the WR. They are so close in specifications to each other but with there own slightly beneficial points. XT2 is bigger feels better in hand, duel hinge screen, joystick, the XT20 is smaller & lighter more portable, touch screen very handy for low or overhead shots. But I think your right, get the XT20 and used the saved money to buy a lens.
  3. I currently have XT10 and I've pre ordered the XT20 but I worked out yesterday that buy the time of release I will have enough saved to buy the XT2 But really not sure which way to go? Stay with the XT20 at roughly half the price of a XT2 and put the change towards a 56 mm lens, or jump to XT2????? aaaaaaaaaaah decisions ?
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