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  1. Hi, Today, my first video was published on YouTube. All my videos during the year I shoot with my best and excellent video camera: Fujifilm X100F. Subscribe to my channel today! PS. Tips and good advice from all of you will be taken with gratitude! https://youtu.be/0MOkBXl5FU4
  2. Thank you for your comments. I will use that you mentioned in my talk ?. Nice! One of the reasons I switched from Nikon to Fujifilm was the amount of gadgets. Each time Nikon comes out with a new feature, it also means a lot of new lenses and batteries and other stuff. With the Fujifilm X100F, new features have meant updating of the software (If I remember correctly, X100F has got four new updates since I bought it). Another aspect is also what we use to take us to the spot to photograph. I have spend a lot of money to fuel the car and have used my car also for very short distances. This summer I desided to used an electric unicycle (the pic above) instead of my car. A 100 km ride with EUC cost me 0.10 euro. So if 1 million photographers take the bus or tram or bicycle instead of a car, for sure we will cause less emissions.
  3. I have been invited to hold a lecture at the Hangö Photofestival next month and I wich to ask you for a helping hand. The theme I have to talk about is "Ecological Photography". Can we do something to make our photography greener? How can we/I reduce the negative trend on our enviroments as a photographer? Can we take as nice pictures as before while consuming less? For this photo i used my Fujifilm X100F camera with Fujifilm Camera Remote App.
  4. I often need 8 f/s for sports photography and solved the phenomenon with switching the card from SanDisk 95MB /s card to Lexar 128GB SDXC card, 300MB /s speed. Once I was photographing a swimming contest and my SanDisk card was in the camera. After a short while, it turnes up a message on the scren that the camera could not read the data on the card. I removed the battery and the card, but nothing helped. Continued to shoot with the same "defected" card to the end of the competition. The camera had recorded and saved all the new pictures taken on the card!
  5. Hi If you are going to be serious about landscape photography, I understand that you will spend more time for this, maybe lots of journeys on that particular purpose. My tip is that you decide in advance what to shoot. Decide to work on a special theme for each trip; birds, wildlife, wide views, stars, northern lights, rock formations, abandoned buildings. . . . . Then you bring only one camera body and one lens with you and do the best of the situation. On the field you can use a mountain, a twig, a rock or sand or something else to support your camera and you'll see that your journey gives much more joy and good photos than you have expected. Enjoy instead of dragging a lot of stuff with you out to the field ;-) Greetings from Finland Carl https://dismason.org/
  6. When I picked my next camera purchase, I got a few advices: "Do not buy a camera with a fixed lens!" "The X100F is made for street photography, not for sports." "Buy a weather sealed camera, X100F cannot be used in bad weather." I do not agree and bought Fujifilm X100F, and it works really well :-) Have a nice weekend! Here in Finland it's still rain Carl
  7. The position of the Q button was the first thing I noticed when I started using the Fujifilm X100F. The Q menu is very practical but I also often pushed the button by mistake. Solved the "problem" with a piece of rubber and a key ring that you can see in the photo. The ring supports my hand better and I do not accidentally press the Q button anymore. Regards Carl
  8. Here is one example from our the latest Hockey night game. This photo is taken with X100F + teleconverter II (focal length: 33mm).
  9. I'm using Lexar SDXC II Professional card in my Fujifilm X100F camera (128 GB; 300 MB / s). It has been in Finnish sauna, -30 degrees Celcius cold weather and at the bottom of the Kymmene river (on a fishing trip) and the card still works perfectly. However, the Sandisk Extreme Pro card has failed many times. Technical errors can be find on all brands. But the fact does not mean that all the cards from Lexar or Sandisk are bad. Cards from Sony have also worked very well for me.
  10. Nice @ManningT , you made a good choice and I wish you good shots with it. One of mine pics taken with X-T1 have been published by National Geographic, so the T1 is still a perfect tool for photography. Regards from Finland Carl
  11. Hi, I have now got my first own Fujifilm products delivered. When I registered the camera, it was also possible to register the flash but the extra lens TCL-X100ii and batteries can not be registered. Why so? In Finland, a one year warranty is granted, but I have noticed that in many other countries there is a two-year guarantee on Fujifilm. Strange, or is it? I have also tryed to get a soft release button and a hot shoe cover to my X100F. You had very good advises about where from we kan by these little things on this forum, but I have so far only got the answer "no shipping to Finland". If some one can help me with these, I'm very very thankful Regards Carl
  12. Dismason


    I got my new tools yesterday. Yes, I'm a professional photographer and like to work with small cameras. This photo is taken with Fujifilm X-T1, ISO 400, 1/6s, 35mm lens.
  13. I got my new tools yesterday. This pic is taken with Fujifilm X-T1. Lens: XF 35mm.
  14. I have been a Nikon shooter for over 40 years. So I've got familiar with Fujifilm by lending Fuji from the local camera store. Most of the models and glasses that came to me have been used. Fujifilm X-T1 is my favorit so far. Now I finally made the decision to buy and ordered my first own Fujifilm camera: X100F (black) + TCL-100B II lens + extra NP-W126BS battery and the EF-X20 flash. In Finland to a cost of 1995€ (2017). It will also be used to photograph professional basketball and ice hockey. I shall report my experiences with the new X100F camera on this forum later on :-)
  15. During the year 2016 I had the opportunity to try on several different brands of cameras, all from M4 sensor to medium format. I photograph landscapes, portraits, wildlife, documentary and sports. For me, the weight of the equipment is not a problem. After a year of testing, I finally got my shopping list ready, and that is: 1 Fujifilm X-Pro2 3 Fujifilm NP-W126S 1 Fujinon XF 14mm f/2.8 R 1 Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro 1 Fujinon MCEX-16 1 Fujinon XF 16-55mm f/2.8 R LM WR 1 Fujinon XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR 1 Fujinon XF 1.4X TC WR The best with Fuji is the image file. perfect colors in all circumstances. The weakness of Fuji is the power consumption. All my Nikon pro-equipments was destroyed under a white water adventure and I have photographed with Nikon for over 30 years. Is Nikon a bad camera? No, absolutely not! But I found my soul with Fuji Now I only have to find a sponsor for all this Fuji stuff Photo: An eight-second shot in almost complete darkness, ISO 200, X-T1
  16. It's quite difficult to see what kind of camera the picture has been taken with. Most of today's cameras are built with the same components. The finnishing and the mood in the photo depends of the photographers post processing skills. On your pictures, I clearly can see that you know the technology. I can also see that you have good skills in post processing. If the same pictures were taken with Fujifilm, I think they would have been softer with deeper colors (jpg-files straight out from the camera with no post processing). Here you can see two photos that I have taken on our back yard. Which one is taken with Nikon D750 and which one is taken with Fujifilm X-T2? Both is converted to jpg with Lightroom and one click processed with Google Dfine 2.
  17. A swimming club contacted me to photograph a competition for children. "Do something that is different from traditional sports photography" was their wish. So . . . then I had to take with me the best camera I have (Fujifilm X-T1) and only one lens (XF 35mm) :)
  18. Often, when I look at street photographs these have often been so heavily post processed so they jump to the eyes. Your photographs on the other hand was soft and very inviting. Very good, nice! About the question. . . shoot first, ask then :-)
  19. Nice photographs on your Blog! It's nice that you get so close to people. Fujifilm has a good sensor and produce photos with impressing colors even under low light conditions. I have tried with the X-T1 and X-T2. But when you go higher than ISO 3500 you also need post processing skills to finishing the pic. I have tested on hockey games other camera brands and in many cases the images were completely unusable at ISO 1600 and lots of lost information in the RAW-file. I hope and wish that my next new camera will be Fujifilm X-Pro 2 :-)
  20. It's nice to see that many people wish to share their own experiences in the use of new cameras. But . . . I did not find any clear price information on your site, so therefore I think that the camera's original manual is still the best guidance.
  21. I had borrowed from Fujifilm Sweden one of the first X-T2 and I have encountered the same problem as you. Tested it with photographing ice hockey and basketball. After the first game, most of the images was blurry. If you shoot a lot (every day) you learn quickly how the camera and lens is reacting in different situations. So ... from the last hockey game that I used X-T2 on, I saved over 80% of the high quality images for later use. Wrote a report of the problems to Fujifilm Sweden, who replied that they have never received any complaints about this model. I chosed X-T2 as the best mirrorless camera 2016 on my blog, because I think it will be a winner in its class when it have been updated. I decided to not buy it. I will continue to shoot with the amazing X-T1 :-)
  22. You have captured a beautiful view, where I would also like to travel.
  23. Dismason

    The Icy Bike Track

    Thank you for your comment @robthebruce! Nice! I have now send the large high resolution image file to NG and the bike riders got the copy of this one :-)
  24. I was sitting on a rock in the woods when two men stopped and asked me what I'm doing. - "I'm waiting for bicycle riders to shoot them," I replied. - "What shall you do with the photographs?" asked one of them. - "I have plans to send one photo to National Geographic." - "Oh Boy!!! National Geographic!!! How many times do you want us to drive by?" - "Three times please :-) "
  25. The modern building style have moved from concrete and wood to steel and glass and gives a lot of new interesting to catch with the lens. Thanks for your comment, Christopher!
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