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    100-400 zoom, 18-135 zoom, 23mm prime, 35mm prime, 60mm prime macro
  1. arjay2402


    Enjoy it, you will find a difference in handling and if you wear glasses, you may need a diopter lens for the viewfinder. Fuji don't make them anymore but the Nikon series of diopters fit. I found mine on eBay.
  2. arjay2402


    I have an X-T1 and recently bought a nice second hand X Pro1 for silly money when the X Pro2 came out. When I take both cameras out, I use the X Pro for short zoom shooting and the X T1 with the 100-400 zoom. It saves swapping lenses all the time.
  3. arjay2402

    Photography degree / qualification

    I'm currently studying for a BA Hons photography with the Open College of the Arts in the UK. This is an Arts based distance learning course and is open to students worldwide. The costs compare favourably against the OU and the courses are flexible with regard to choice of topics and generous with deadlines for completion. More details here; http://www.oca.ac.uk/
  4. I'm not sure why the i40 is reported as not working with X-T1 as I t works perfectly well with mine.
  5. Many thanks for your welcome Christopher. I have connected my camera to my printer and it is all working. I just need to get used to the fine editing adjustments and this will be a very useful tool to let me add images to my written journals while travelling. I'm looking forward making more use of the expertise available on the Fuji X Series forum.
  6. I've just bought the Instax SP2 printer to use with my X-T1. It prints perfectly well from my iPhone and iPad and should, in theory connect to my X-T1. I have updated the firmware to the latest version, V5.0 and the 'Instax Printer Print' option appears on the playback menu but it is greyed out so I cannot select it. I am shooting in RAW and Normal Quality so there is a JPEG there to print. In the absence of any useful instructions from Fujifilm, I wonder if anyone has already solved this problem? Perhaps I am missing something obvious. All contributions gratefully received.