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    Canon 5D III (2x), Fuji X-Pro 2 (1)
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    Sigma Art 24mm, 35mm, 85mm, Canon 135mm, Fuji 23mm
  1. "If you shoot manual you're surely not going to be used to an old school shutter speed dial. If you'd rather use that scroll wheel on the back where your thumb falls, just put your shutter speed dial to 'T' and then you can use the wheel instead." Is there a dial in front of the camera? or just the back? I do shoot manual most of the time.
  2. Awesome, thank you. Pumped to get this thing rolling. My website is wendellfernandes.com. I'm a Canon shooter and have had the X100T and I'm trying to see if I can move to Fuji slowly
  3. I recently bought a X-Pro 2 and I'm super excited about it. Since you have had more experience than me with it (I've hear GREAT things about this camera), what things should I do right out of the box aside from reading the manual? Upgrade firmware? Add any firmware updates / plugins / colors... are there any hacks you have found?
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