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  1. LMMiller9

    No Lens Auto Focus...

    I figured it out. The push-pull ring on the lens that triggers auto-manual focus.
  2. A few days ago I upgraded the firmware on my XPro2 to the new 3.0 firmware. Now my 14/2.8 and 23/1.4 will not auto focus. On the display it clearly says MF when I depress the trigger. But, the focus selection lever is definitely set to "S" and all the other lenses are fine. I have five other lenses and without changing any settings, when I put them on they will auto focus. I have checked the lens firmwares and they are all up to date. Does anyone have any clue as to why this may be???? Has anyone else used these lenses since the firmware upgrade? Help!
  3. LMMiller9

    XF 16-55 thoughts

    Is it possible that this lens is out of production? I have had it on order for a while and no one has it, or a date when it will be available. Might they be coming out with a newer version, perhaps with OIS?
  4. The one place I have found very wide angles to be useful in in shooting cities. My wife and I visited Havana a year ago and I used my Nikon D810 and 16-35mm a lot to capture the feel of the city streets. That was before I converted to Fuji. Now, I would use my 16mm and be happy with that on my XPro-2.