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  1. well, i don't actually want it all the time - but be able to call it in as needed without going through the long menu. it does not seem to be possible though...
  2. doesn't work with panoramas of mountains: for some reason, they don't follow the architect's directives of being straight vertical... bummer indeed. The aperture ring and T works fine - though I'm so used to two wheels that still try to do it... guess some unlearning is needed. But more strange that ISO can only be done on the physical wheel - and there is no quick shortcut to access the three ISO modes either. It seems like a little forgotten sibling out of the trio. Maybe they still thinking film times: you set it, you use it... hopefully next firmware...
  3. Thanks - seems like an option (did not see that can cycle between views the way you suggest). Will give it a try and see if that works (having the virtual horizon on all time was not an option:) Though - not quite getting anywhere near with the settings. How do I get these (sorry - but still in the step-by-step mode -- 3 days of the camera and totally not getting FF logic yet). What would be perfect is to have the main info on both views (SS, A, ISO, +/-, histogram) and with the next circle add horizon. How do I get there? The manual seems a little bit... hmmm... Thank you,
  4. Hello, I just jumped the system (X-T2) and looks like need a little help to untangle the Fuji-ways of customisation and menu. Probably the first of posts in a series (apologies in advance!) A couple of questions that cannot find a straight answer to: Main question for now: is there a way to put the virtual horizon / spirit level on any of the function buttons? I do a fair bit of pano work and I had the function on Nikon on in a way that could bring the spirit level without taking my eyes of the scene (in the viewfinder, never bother with the screen). Any way to have this 'programmed' into any of the many function buttons on X-t2? Also, to work in manual mode - what's the best setting and custom settings to get SS on the front dial, ISO on the back dial and A on the lens? It seems to be always missing one of them for some reason... Thanks for any help - hopefully will get it all worked out soon and can be the helper myself!