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  1. Yes, it's strange...... I've decided to send it in for service. Hopefully it will be a warranty issue....Fingers crossed. Have to see if the specs on the X100F is worth the extra price vs a used X100T.....But hopefully I'll get my X100S back in full working order....
  2. Hello again, Christopher! I managed to update to firmware 1.20 (from 1.10, I think) but when I tried to turn the camera back on I was out off luck. Same fault as before the update.
  3. Hello Christopher, and thank you for your help! The lens does not make a sound of any kind. It's dead silent. I'll try the trick with the DISP/BACK button later tonight when I get gome. I hope it works!
  4. Today I wanted to take the X100s out for a photo walk, but the camera had other plans.... When I turned the camera on the indicator light on the back started flashing red. The owners manual says this is either a memory or lens error, but doesn't offer a solution. At the same time the LCD screen came on showing almost only black (there is very little response - just a very faint glow). Switching the camera off didn't help as the red indicator kept on flashing and the LCD screen was still active. The only way to stop the blinking and the LCD screen from being active was by removing the battery. I have several batteries and when I tried the other ones all that happened was that the LCD screen came on (still only the faint glow) - but no flashing. The flashing only appears with one specific battery - the one that was in the camera when I discovered the fault. Everything else; viewfinder, focusing button (and power switch) is unresponsive. I also replaced the memory card - still no change. I'm guessing there's some sort of electrical malfunction as the camera worked find the other day. I've kept it in the camera bag. So, have some of you any idea what the problem is and how to fix it? Obviously I hope this is something I can fix myself.....