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  1. daniel-k

    X-T2 autofocus problems

    honestly, I think this video is bu****it There is no logical reason why the trigger for the green focus indicator should be a different one than for the focus-beep. Both indicators are triggered by the same internal mechanism. Actually, the software that decides whether the object in in focus or not. I tested a few X-T2 and I cannot confirm this behavior! Even my X-T2 which is definitely affected by the AF problem does not show such behavior. Too many shots are still fail-focused, no matter if the beep is switched on or off. Switching the beep of will not change something relevant inside the X-T2´s software, it simple mutes the beep. And this cannot have any effect on the focus behavior. Full stop. If I do enough "investigations" I may find a correlation between focus quality and the day of week. This will have about the same quality as the focus-beep correlation As I mentioned above, meanwhile I use MF where ever it´s possible and I´m happy with it since the results are 98% pi-sharp and perfectly focused. Of course this will not work always, sometimes you need AF. I found that it is reliable with longer focal lengths and open apertures (stopped down to not more than 5.6 or so). Knowing these limitations I´m fine with the X-T2. Although it´s still pretty disappointing to have a 1.7k€ camera with an AF that is not working reliable under many real-world conditions. And I don´t think that Fuji will ever fix it. Maybe the X-T3 (if there will be one) or an X-T2s will do better. But after experiences with the AF of the X-T2 (and X-T20) maybe a lot of photographers will not buy it, at least not before its proven that the AF is significantly more reliable. Daniel
  2. daniel-k

    X-T2 autofocus problems

    update: I´m right back from my camera dealer. After testing another (the 3rd one) X-T2 there I found that this one finally seems to be good. I was not able to detect the problems mentioned above with this camera. Fortunately, the dealer agreed to exchange my X-T2 with the new, tested one. So 140 days after purchase, after 2 unsuccessful repairs, a view weeks without X-T2 (repair time), lots of blurred images and a lot of frustration it looks like I finally found a X-T2 that is working well. By the way: of course I used exactly the same settings like before. So it is definitely NOT a settings/configuration problem. There are good X-T2s... and obviously there are bad ones. Strange thing is that even after 2 repairs my first one was not working as expected. However, I will do a few more tests this weekend and if the new X-T2 pass them all I´m happy. However, the whole story leaves a bad taste... Daniel
  3. the NP-W126s is almost exactly the same as the "old" NP-W126. Same capacity. The only difference is that it will stay a bit cooler as the old one if it is heavily used. That´s it! I´m using NP-W126 and NP-W126s in my XM1. X-T10, X-T1 and X-T2 and from a users perspective there is absolutely no difference! Using original batteries or 3rd-party batteries is a totally different story and there are as many opinions as battery vendors out there Daniel
  4. daniel-k

    X-T2 autofocus problems

    that´s what I did first too. Of course! Then, after too many blurry pictures, I started shooting test series. And they confirmed the problem. Not only with my X-T2 but with at least 3 others as well as with several lenses. And don´t forget: my X-T2 has been at Fuji 2 times for repair. Without any success. The same was reported by at least 1 photographer I know and maybe there are more. All this will not happen so often if you use primes with wide open aperture and longer focal length. My X-T2 performs also well with the 55-200. It seems to be related to the X-T2 hybrid AF sensors in combination with stopped down wide angle lenses. Unfortunately the combination I´m using most often as a landscape photographer. Would be VERY nice if one of you (who actually owns a X-T2 and may a 18-55 or 18-135) could do some test shots according to the setup I described in my first posting. I´m really curios if someone will get the same result. Thanks! Daniel
  5. daniel-k

    X-T2 autofocus problems

    of course not. The green focus marker in the viewfinder stays in the middle and it goes green. Also in the EXIF data the focus point is always the same (3001, 2001 which means image center). no, it has not! Would be very nice and helpful if people who does not have a X-T2 do not post any assumptions here. This will not help and only "spam" the thread. Please don´t get me wrong, but I will help if we focus on the topic. Wild guess will not help at all. sure, he has But the AF button on the back is just another electrical contact which activates the very same AF system as when I use the half-pressed release button. Of course in a series of 20something pictures with locked(!) AF the sharpness will most likely be the same for every picture. And in case the first AF measurement was ok, all other pictures will be ok as well. In case it was wrong, all others will be wrong too. However, in every day life where you do not take 20 pictures of the same motive the AF-lock is not very useful. And this will not fix the problem. Daniel
  6. daniel-k

    X-T2 autofocus problems

    thanks for your reply! Just for clarification: I used the X-T2 with exactly the same AF-settings like my X-T10 (of course, otherwise comparison would make no sense at all) I tried the 2 other X-T2 from the camera dealer with both lenses, theirs and mine I set up the X-T2 used for testing at the camera store exactly like my own X-T2 before the tests (of course, otherwise comparison would make no sense at all) zone AF was not used, just a single small to medium size AF field in the center of the sensor AF-S was used with priority on focus (not on shutter) In the viewfinder you can clearly distinguish between hybrid AF fields and contrast AF fields. Hybrid is everything in the center, all the fields at the sensor edge are contrast AF. This can also be read in the manual. Unfortunately there is no option to use the center fields in contrast AF mode only. Means: it cannot be changed in the menu. Meanwhile (after testing other X-T2 and got some feedback form other users) I´m pretty sure that it is not caused by a wrong or not suitable configuration. I have quite some experience in serious photography and therefore I know that in most cases the problems are caused by the photographer, not by the equipment. But in this very case and after running a lot of tests I dare to say that the camera is the problem. I think I´m not the only one who is affected. I posted a similar thread in a German forum some 1 or 2 months ago. Besides some "experts" who declared the problem as "non existing" (for...that which must not, cannot be ) I found quite a few people who actually have the same problem with their X-T2 and some Fuji lenses. Some of them sent their camera to Fuji and got it back with mostly "main board replaced" (as somebody mentioned: standard procedure if repair stuff have no clue) but the problem remains. I´m really interested in hearing from X-T2 users here who have similar problems with their cameras. If they do not exist outside of Germany then it might be a problem caused by a subset of a subset of cameras shipped to Germany. Although this seems to be very unlikely (!) Here are some examples. All shots taken with exactly same settings in a series under same conditions. By the way, this was not my X-T2 but the (brand new) one I have tested at the camera store. full resolution, sharp full resolution, blurred, out of focus 100% crop, sharp 100% crop, blurred, out of focus Single field static AF (AF-S) has been used with medium size center field targeted on the "HOTEL" sign. In a series of 20 pictures, approx 25% were out of focus. cheers, Daniel
  7. Hi folks, I´m new to the forum and after reading for a while I decided to write my first topic here. Unfortunately it is not exactly a positive one. However, it´s all about exchange of experiences. I´d like to know if others are affected and if there are any ideas how to get rid of the problem. Before I start I should mention that I switched to Fuji about 1.5 years ago. Bought a "cheap" X-M1 as extension to my full frame equipment (from a well known Japanese company after sticking with them for almost 20 years). Felt in love with the X-M1, bought an X-T1. Was even more happy until the very day the X-T2 arrived. Since then, this camera is a constant source of disappointment for me. Which is a pity because besides the problem described here the X-T2 is close to perfect. After switching from X-T1 to X-T2 I discovered soon that approx. 25-30% of my pictures are blurry, somehow out of focus. First of course I thought that I´m doing something wrong. New "toy", many new options. Easy to make mistakes. I tried a lot to understand what I´m doing wrong but finally wasn´t able to find a problem. However, pictures were still be out of focus quite often. So I started to shot test series with the same settings under same conditions to hopefully get reproducible results. What I got was a wild mix from pin-sharp pictures and really blurry ones. Some result as in everyday photography with my new X-T2. For the test series I used a setup that is comparable to my everyday setup (I do mostly landscapes, so this setup makes most sense for me). Here it is: X-T2 on tripod 18-55 lens used with stabilization switched off, set to 18mm ISO set to 400 or 800 (depending on light situation) aperture set to 8, exposure time set to automatic single mid-size or small AF field in the middle of the viewfinder static auto focus (AF-S) priority on focus face detection disabled series of up to 20 pictures, focused on the same object in approx. 25-50 meters distance both, camera and lens on newest firmware During my test shots I found that the DOF-scale in the viewfinder (including the AF distance indicator) was "jumping" around like crazy from one shot to the next. According to this indicator, the AF target was everything between 1.5 meters and infinity away from me. Hey, it´s a balcony on a house. These guys usually don´t move! !!! Interesting thing is that the problem only occurs if I use the hybrid AF fields in the middle of the view finder. Using the "outside" contrast AF fields the focus works perfectly, without any exceptions !!! So, with a heavy heart, I sent the X-T2 together with my 18-55 to Fuji for repair. Got it back after 4 weeks and the repair report mentioned that they have replaced the camera´s main board. So obviously there was something wrong with the camera. After testing for a few days and repeating my test series I found that nothing has changed. Some awkward behavior! I´ve got the chance to test another X-T2 at my camera dealer and it shows the same behavior, even confirmed by the dealer. So I was finally testing with another 18-55, my new 18-135, my 10-24 and some primes borrowed from friends. Same result, the only exception is the 10-24 where the problem occurs only rarely. I sent the X-T2 to Fuji again, got it back yesterday with no parts replaced but they mentioned that they have "adjusted the focus" (however this will work, if at all ). Testing again this morning and again: nothing has changed. Same unacceptable rate of out-of-focus pictures. I went to the dealer today to try another X-T2. Long story short: same behavior. Now my X-T2 is on it´s way to Fuji again, for the 3rd time. I own this camera since almost 4 months and it spent more times at Fuji and with UPS so far then in my hands. Frustrating! And since I found the same problem with 2 other X-T2 I begin to believe that this is a problem that probably affects the whole series, at least a sub-series. I have no idea. After 3rd repair attempt will fail (I´m afraid it will) I have to talk to my dealer again about taking back the X-T2 for refunding. To be able to take photos in the meantime I bought a "cheap" X-T10. This camera works like a charm with all my lenses. But I need something more robust, weather sealed with more dedicated controls. A X-T2 with well working AF would be close to my dream camera. But so far it isn´t. Does anyone have encountered similar problems with X-T2 and comparable setup and lenses? Did anyone get any help from Fuji, means a repaired or replaced X-T2? I will provide a few sample pictures within the next few hours. Cheers, Daniel P.S. sorry for the long post. But it´s hard to explain the whole story with just a few words. Sorry also for my "bumpy" English