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  1. I'd assume the OP is saying he gets a video that is 5:20 in length each time. That means he is hitting the 4GB file size as indicated. I record speeches at weddings sometimes (camera on a tripod with a boom mic) and sometimes people talk on and on and on ... I will get several video files on my SD card. But they go together perfectly fine when consolidating for a video to give the bride and groom. The higher the quality of the video, the quicker the video hits that 4GB limit of FAT32.
  2. AdamW

    3rd Party X-Pro1 Batteries

    I have several of the Watson brand I have purchased from B&H in the USA (I'm in Canada). I have used the Watson batteries on my XT1's and now my current XT2's and my recently purchased used X-Pro1. They have been a great, low cost option.
  3. I have several of the Watson brand I have purchased from B&H in the USA (I'm in Canada). I have used the Watson batteries on my XT1's and now my current XT2's and my recently purchased used X-Pro1. They have been a great, low cost option.
  4. I'm in Canada but have always purchased my camera body batteries and memory cards (Sandisk) from B&H Photo. Genuine products, priced well and ships fast. Never had any issues.
  5. AdamW

    Recommend some Canon FD lenses

    I have the Canon 24mm/F2.8 FD. Results in 35mm focal length. Perfect walk around setup. DOF is pretty good, so shooting at F4 or F5.6 and focus set to infinity works great for lots of street type photography. I've enjoyed it quite a bit. It was an ebay purchase out of Japan. It's in excellent condition. Picked up the lens hood for it from another ebay seller. I have info on my experiences with the lens and another one or two Canon FD's here -> http://www.adamwoodhouse.info/
  6. I just purchased via ebay the Rokkor 58/1.4. Hope is preforms well.
  7. AdamW

    Canon FD Adapters

    Agreed. I have found the KF Concept adapters to be very good.
  8. AdamW

    Canon FD Adapters

    I have that same old Canon FD lens. I use a low cost K&F Concept FD/FX adapter to mount it on my XT1 and XT2. When you mount the old FD lens on the adapter it has an attachment that pushes the little pin on the rear of the lens that allows the aperture ring to change the aperture ... when NOT ON A CANON CAMERA. That is the trick, the moving of that rear pin on the back of the lens. Once that pin is moved (either manually or via the adapter) the aperture ring on the lens works perfectly on our Fuji's.
  9. I primarily shoot weddings and this unit is great. I wish the wheels were larger for when I roll through gravel, but otherwise it's been a great bag. http://store.lowepro.com/pro-roller-x200-aw
  10. If you shoot mostly walk around street and full room indoors, then the 23/2 is the choice. If you like to shoot more close up indoors (one person versus a group of people) or want something with more reach when outdoors, the 35/2 is great. If you plan on doing some 1/2 body and/or full body portraits and don't want wide angle distortion, then the 50/2.
  11. AdamW

    Samyang 10mm advice

    You should notice no loss of image quality. Your 10mm on Canon will be 15mm on Fuji. That's about it. I have 8mm Rokinon with Fuji mount (so adapter not needed). Thus 12mm on my XT1/XT2. 180 degree fish eye. It's a blast to use.
  12. I don't believe there is a thread for the Pentax/Asahi Optics Takumar line of lenses. I have created a page on my website to summarize my experience with the 55mm f1.8 Super-Takumar (~ 1970) while mounted on my XT2. http://adamwoodhousephotography.ca/vintage-gear/pentax-asahi-55mm-f1-8/ I have read online that many of the old Takumar focal lengths are great performers, well built and quite affordable. Thought this forum could use a thread for people to share the Takumar line.
  13. AdamW

    ON1 Photo Raw - April 2017 release

    ON1 tech support contacted me and asked for more details on my system, for me to send the behind-the-scenes LOG file and detail what I was doing when the problem arose. They indicated in the email that this is a known bug in the latest release and they are working on it.
  14. AdamW

    ON1 Photo Raw - April 2017 release

    Thanks for the link. I've already read many reviews online however I could not find any feedback on the new release from the start of this month (April 2017). I spent an hour with it yesterday (the just released version from start of April 2017) which is version and it was a pretty big failure. Performance on my old MacBook Air was so bad on a folder with 6 JPGS in it I had to stop using it (when on this laptop LR and PS both work quite well). Performance on my iMac workhorse was pretty good but when I exported to PS to do some heavy pixel manipulation it did not export to PS with my edits. You can export with ON1 edits or without, both did the same thing! Then I exported to JPG my final edit and my JPG export had only 1/2 of the edits I did!? Plus there were squares on the image where I did cloning That part was epic failure. I reported this last issue I had to ON1 via their website. Because I could not even export the few images I wanted to work on, I ended up going back to LR to continue this small batch of images.