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  1. I have upgraded even though I did not have issues with my XP2 nor my X-T2. I just like to keep my cameras updated with the latest firmware.
  2. Like Carl, I have the 100F and enjoy it very much. What a great little camera!
  3. If you do get an X-100F, you will find it is worth every penny! I'm crazy about mine.
  4. I enjoy low light/night photography with my Fuji cameras. My favorite lens is the 23/1.4. I get good images when shooting wide open, but be warned there is a very shallow DOF when shooting that lens wide open. I shoot jpeg/raw and have the camera set to auto ISO "cleaning up" noise in Photoshop. I find that the Fuji cameras are great in low light. Peachtree St. in Atlanta, GA, last Wednesday night. Fuji X-Pro2/23/1.4 f2.5
  5. I updated my X-T2 and my X-Pro2 today after talking with Steve in Fujiflim Tech Support. While I don't use MF and that is what the latest update addresses, Steve suggested keeping the camera firmware updated.
  6. You can change the file name on your Fuji. It is under the set up menu, the wrench. I have set my 3 Fuji cameras to different file names so I can know immediately which photo came from which camera. Check your owner's book as the instructions are there.
  7. I envy your trip to NYC with your X100 . You have some great street photography. I agree with you about your camera choice for street photography, the X100 series Fuji cameras can't be beat.
  8. Thanks, Dan! I'm new to Fuji and looking forward to reading your book.
  9. Like artuk, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Fujifilm UK. I have had dealings with Fujifilm USA and found the staff to be very friendly, informative and helpful.
  10. I have recently upgraded my X-T1 to an X-T2 and use my X-100T for street photography and a general carry around camera. The X-100T gives me great images. My thought at this point is to stick with what I have.
  11. Thanks, gentlemen. I appreciate your views. Anyway you slice it, our Fuji cameras are fantastic, IMHO.
  12. I am a very happy user of the X-100T. Is there enough of an upgrade, other than more megapixels, to warrant an upgrade to the newest one? Just wondering.
  13. Well done! I enjoyed readying your article and seeing you fine photos!
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