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  1. Raw files generally look like crap until they are processed. That's the whole point of shooting in raw. I get excellent results with LR--after I've done my edits. I recommend learning more about how LR works before jumping to another program. I
  2. Too many hot spots on her cheeks--
  3. YEs do tell--you are "giving it away" but you don't mention what small payment would be due!!
  4. Thanks, I knew that and that wasn't the issue---What I ended up doing is a system reset and that seems to have solved the problem.
  5. Seems as if the histogram on my 100F, in either EVF or OVF mode, only briefly (maybe one second at most) shows the histogram when I go to frame an image. To boot, I have to toggle the on off switch for each new scene I frame. I think my settings are correct for both EVF/OVF. Been driving me nuts---its hopefully something I'm doing wrong or perhaps a malfunction of the camera---Any seen this behavior or have any ideas?
  6. Yup---as I get older I find that I"m bumping buttons and changing dials accidentally. Fuji takes care of it on the ISO wheel and shutter speed wheel with the lock button---when I remember to engage it!
  7. I must have inadvertently changed a setting, but now, when I shoot an image, the image remains frozen on the LCD and I am presented with three options--Next, Retry or Exit. Next if I hit the OK button, if I press the left part of selection circle I get Retry, and if I press the Display button I Exit the frozen image and go back to regular shooting mode. Nothing is wrong other wise--still getting the same quality Fuji performance. I know its something stupid, but I went through my menus and still can't figure out how to change this behavior---Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I know this is perhaps a reach, but have you all checked the list of Fuji LENS firmware updates. Many were originated to deal with focus issues---I suggest you look through the list and make sure your lens doesn't need it.
  9. Never been happy with Lightroom and Fuji X raws--Iridient is the way to go---and I just read that they have a new beta that supports the X-20, 100F, and the new medium format camera.
  10. I'm a big fan of Iridient short of the slow rate of processing. Question, since my computer is an old IMac, and definitely underpowered, has anyone had a good experience with RAR files and Iridient or at least a tolerable one. I just don't want to spend a bunch more money on a new computer and find that the improvements in processing are minimal at best.
  11. Sounds like something that might be handled with a firmware update. Maybe contact someone as a professional photographer and find out if its possible.
  12. I agree. Nothing beats LR for organizing and accessing your photos and for processing most raw files---FUJI X FILES EXCLUDED! I've messed with most of them and Iridient really has no peer. Good luck.
  13. Have an old Markins Ball Head and the camera mounting plate I own is a bit big for the Fuji. I need something that will work on their knob release Q Ball style ball head and will fit the Fuji well. Any ideas. I'm wondering if this Acratech would work? http://tinyurl.com/j92fqks Thanks in advance, really enjoying this camera!
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