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  1. Oh in that case please accept my apologies. I can agree with that.
  2. Considering the US is a representative republic and was never a true democracy I'd say you're right. And need to study more actually history Either way the majority of my shooting happens at night and the limited control is vexing. Why can't one of the wheels (that do nothing)while shooting be used to control iso?
  3. Yea. No one said remove anything. I'm asking to Add functionality and no one requested you be a little bitch you could have kept your snarky response in your back pocket. The iso can't go below 200 unless it does it automatically for you. I don't like to shoot like that. How am I asking to remove features when I'm only asking for it to have extra functionality from the limited functionality of the actually function buttons. Either way you're response is lame and borderline useless. But thanks
  4. Hello All, I am a new Fuji user for the past 5 months. And I LOVE these cameras, I’ve recommended them to no less than 14 people in my 6 months of owning one sine I got an XT1 last summer. That said, I am officially “All In” after shooting with the sony A series previously. I love the X Pro 2 for shooting in the streets but some things vex me and while these are not a big deal I think they would add even more practicality, functionality, and most importantly - speed to the camera which could really take it to next level in terms of speed and accuracy for still images. Here are a few suggestions/requests I would like to make to Fuji engineers since I hear that they listen, but have no idea where to make the requests. So I will do it here with the hopes that someone will guide me or someone at Fuji will see this. I plan on using this Camera for the next 3-5 years with any luck so hopefully they listen. * Expansion of function buttons. A. The front and rear control wheels currently have no functionality while shooting or until the joystick is pressed to control the focus area. I would ask that an update be made so that they can be programmed/used for other tasks such as changing the ISO or Shutter speed on the fly * Add “press” functionality for the front and rear control wheels * Add ISO control via the via the rear wheel this could be implemented in a few ways but i am thinking an override in the menu where either H or L on the ISO then becomes the override for scrolling through ISO stops (maybe even add iso 100) via software * Allow movie/video recording to be initiated * Lastly allow the AF-L and AE-L buttons to be assigned to any function. Thanks!
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