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    Olympus OMD E-M 10, Fujifilm X-10
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    Sigma 19mm., Olympus 40-150mm.
  1. Nik, thanks! I have also looked at the Ricoh, but a bit afraid with the dust issue. I have worked on some RAW samples from the Ricoh. AMAZING results! BTW, there is a HUGE plus for both Fujifilm and Sony camera - the free Capture One Express from Phase One. Simply the best RAW program!
  2. In the most honest way...My main system is Olympus MFT. OMD - EM10 with several lenses. For some time I have put my eye on the X100 as a second TAKE ANYWHERE option. I do not have too much cash for it right now, so looking for the most BANG FOR THE BUCK camera. Is the X100S enough? Does it really make sense to invest more in the newer models with the newer sensor? Is there a big difference in IQ?I am not interested in video. Thanks for any comment and input.
  3. I am am like a guest in this Fuji forum, but I like a lot the Fujifilm cameras and concept. I know it is an old model. I know it has limitations. I know there are better alternatives. But...it is a sexy camera and maybe a way into the Fujifilm world. I can get a second hand X-10, hardly used, just like new, just took couple of hundreds of images, for a very attractive price. I remember some years ago playing with it in camera store and liked the feeling of it. My main system camera is Olympus OMD-E-M10 with some lenses. I am looking for a TAKE ANYWHERE camera. So with all the limitations - should I buy it or not? Why? Image Quality - I have to say I had kind of a "culture shock"... I have downloaded from the Internet both Jpeg and RAW sample images from net. The RAW imaged were processed with Capture One software. I have to say I am blown away by the quality! This is quite a small and aging sensor - when I compare the images to images taken with my Olympus OMD E-M10 I feel that the Fuji images are (maybe...) better...both colors, noise control. Is it only me or is it true?
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