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    Fujinon 18-135, 14, 10-24, 18-55, 50-230

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    All the above
  1. Sorry Steve, I am a Windows 10 user - any Mac people out there?
  2. Hi Chris - yes cards are both formatted and high speed - Sandisk 280 MB/s
  3. Just upgraded XT-2 to 2.00 today. Also upgraded all lenses at same time. All upgrades proceeded without problems . Major issue has arisen. Attempting to create 9 image AE brackets in RAW at 8 fps, using either mechanical or electronic shutter. What happens is this - when shutter is pressed to commence brackets, camera takes one image, does nothing for 30 seconds or so (orange light is on), then takes the bracketed images. , Useless as all sorts of things could have happened in that time - subjects moved, branches blown in wind gust, etc. In version 1.00 there was a limit of 3 x AE brackets, but these were generated instantly after pressing the shutter. I must have an incorrect setting somewhere in camera, but can't find anything. I also reset all my settings to default status before setting up the controls for the new bracketing arrangements. Anyone have any suggestions?