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  1. That is the main aim. Pentax-Forum is a great bunch but for fuji there are multiple different forums and so far vastly different answers. I was originally going to post this into 1 forum but i didn't like the way people talking. Many were too aggressive and not really helpful, so i turned this into the quest of finding the most "family" like forum
  2. Hey guys, how is it going? This is going to be my first post here and I am very excited about it. Anyway, I am 26 years old pizza lover and a semi-pro portrait/headshots photographer. Since 2011 i have paid all of my 3 Ba degrees and most of my bills with photography and mainly shoot weddings-events until 2016. Oh and i am starting Ma degree on Commercial Photography at NTU this year! My first DSLR was a 5d mkii and I sold all of my Canon gear in 2012 and switched to Pentax. Main reason was to have a lighter kit with much better ergonomics. I still love my Pentax gear, and since selling them is extremely hard, i will be holding on to the kit for awhile. However Constant AF issues, sub-par AF performance, Never arriving 3rd party HSS support and every increasing bulk of the system, K-1, started to put me off. Fuji, on the other hand, has some tempting points over other systems in general. First being KAIZEN. than very sexy looking cameras, most compact aps-c system?, and lastly Godox announcing to support fuji tll/hss was my turning point. For body/bodies, i will be getting an X-t1 or X-t2 depending on my budget. But can't pick my starting setup for the system. Although i am a prime person, 70-200 f/2.8 had always been my most used lens during my wedding time. 23mm f/1.4 or 35mm f/1.4 / f/2 is likely going to be my first lens in the system and next one to follow up. For wide-angle, 16mm f/1.4 seems like a great choice and i will pick it up after my portrait lens. But here comes the hard part for me. 56mm f/1.6, 90mm f/2 and 50-140mm f/2.8 135mm,FF, is my favourite focal length but i rather have 56mm first to have a "more complete kit". Yet Samyang 50mm f/1.2 is another cheaper alternative to fill that option but i have to get used to Fuji cameras and manual focus first, which is not a great feeling on DSLRs. Buying 90mm + 56mm looks bit too expensive to get into, considering i am not selling any Pentax gear + Ma fees will make it hard to get both. 50-140, on the other hand, covers both focal lengths and has IS. Since having been using IBIS for last 6 years i believe it is an important feature for my work by now. And one last question. Be honest and tell me how good is Fuji X-system actually + for studio and location portrait work. I haven't used one more than few hours so its good to know long term effects, such as unstoppable GAS i have been reading about Fuji glass. Sorry for the long post and thanks for all the future answers/discussions
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