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  1. The flash on XT20 is set to off and I can not get it set to TTL. Need help!
  2. Recently I was taking pictures of a party. I wanted to shoot in shutter speed but the problem was that the image to photography would not stay on the viewfinder. It was flash the image and then go dark. In the Aperture mode or auto mode the view would stay in view and focused. I could not figure out what was wrong. Hope I have explained this so it can be understood. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Anne
  3. Vic, Thank you for another valuable lesson. I will study this for sure. You always help me! I am grateful. Anne
  4. THanks for the help with this problem. After researching internet, Youtube, books, and friends on this site, I called Fujifilm. After trying a number of things, they had me reset the camera. Now the bulb mode works perfectly.
  5. Hi Vic, I do not understand electronic shutter mode or mechanical shutter unless it is single or manual mode. I have checked the rockynook book and the only directions are, put on Bulb mode and press shutter for desired length of time. When I do that the camera just keep clicking, taking continuous taking pictures. Thanks
  6. My bulb mode does not work. When I press the release button it will only expose for I second. I also does the same when I use a remote trigger. I must have some setting that controls this but I can not find a solution. I know it should leave the shutter open for as long as I press the button but it does not. What am I doing wrong. HELP!
  7. My questions/ problems are two fold. First, I have downloaded RAF files with PS6. When I try to open one of the RAF images, I get the message that the image can not be found. The entire download in visible in the catalog. The image appears in the develop area but I get the message that it is not available and it is stuck in the develop view. I can not delete of get rid of it. Also, another view appears at some point that is labeled "People View". I cannot get out of it. So, as I try to navigate around torid of or delete the photo, the "People View" comes up. PS6 is just stuck. Abobe does not support anything, evidently, except CC any more. I am not sure if any of this makes sense. Also, according to "YOU TUBE", I should be able to click on the Window, which brings up options which should contain an option " Reset Desktop". It is not there on my laptop or my desktop. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. A friend told me that Adobe does this so everyone will have to download CC. She had a problem and her whole system locked up. Ready to ditch PS6 but will not use CC.
  8. Are there any other programs I can use to download Fuji RAW images beside Lightroom? I am still unhappy about the options for Fuji Raw. Love the camera and images but have regrets because of the way to download the images. Thanks for any suggestion , advise. Annewin
  9. Nikon Transfer is Nikon's instrument for downloading images , both jpeg and RAW. I'm really sorry but I don't understand your response. I don't what Nikon Transfer is, or what it does - can you elaborate? Nikon Transfer is Nikon's program to download images from camera or card reader, both jpeg and RAW. don't understand what you mean by "For the RAF files I have found that I can download them, and if I make at least one adjustment, I can then open them in PS." Surely the process is to copy the files from your memory card to your PC, then open them in Photoshop? Why do you need to make "at least one adjustment" to open them in PS? And what are you using to make that adjustment? Is the issue your version of PS cannot open the raf files from your camera because it is an older version, or not up to date? If using PS (I don't, so bear with me), I would assume if you open a raf file, you get the Adobe Raw converter dialogue, you adjust the image to taste, then develop it and it gets transferred into the PS editor? I am not a PS expert, I just know that RAF files are not recognized by PS.
  10. I do know how to switch the OIS on the lens. The XC 50-230 does not have this switch on the lens. The lens manual says OIS is available using the IS MODE option in the camera shooting menu. What is the difference of whether the lens has ISO switch or not, if you choose ISO from the camera menu. Are you saying that even if you have OIS on the lens, one still needs to turn it on in the camera also? Just trying to understand. Thanks
  11. I use Nikon transfer for my RAW files and this process is so easy. For the RAF files I have found that I can download them, and if I make at least one adjustment, I can then open them in PS. So I have found a solution but I do not care for LR, maybe mainly because I have never really learned how to use it. I just find that downloading and process RAF files to be complicated. From what I have read on the web, I am not the only person to feel frustrated with RAF files. I am continuing to experiment and research ways of handling these files.
  12. My question is about correct settings for Image Stabilization. I have one lens with IS on the Lens and another with no IS on the lens. Directions says to set IS for this lens in camera. Ok, I understand that but which setting, continuous, or shooting only? Original the camera setting was on continuous and did not result in focused images. I changed to Shooting only and the results was better. All of this could be user error, I just don't know. Also, with the Lens that has IS on it, do I set the camera to IS off? Second question: I just received the XC 50-230MM F4.5-6.7 OIS 11. This is the lens with no IS and I think I will return it and replace with XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.9 R LM OIS lens. I would like to have opinions on the XF55-200 before making another error in ordering. I am still struggling with the Fuji system and still love the Nikon DSL. The transition to the mirrorless system is challenging for me. I very much do appreciate the weight of the mirrorless cameras. Thanks for your thoughts and advise.
  13. I am still learning the Fuji XT20 and I might add that I do not find it an easy transition from Nikon DSL. Thanks for the information about in camera raw converter. That is going on my list of what I have to learn. Thanks, Anne
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