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  1. Dear all, I would like to get answers from forum members that own the new x100f as I want to find out if all x100f have the same behavior. 1. When camera is moved to different light situations and it is set to a fixed aperture (e.g. 5.6) and time is on automatic mode the aperture blades are constantly moving (opening / closing step by step) and the image in the electronic view finder is flickering accordingly. I assumed that the camera is doing this to adjust the exposure in the electronic view finder in the first place but: when I change to full automatic mode (aperture and time on automatic) the aperture is not moving at all and the electronic viewfinder is still adjusting the exposure. This behaviors is even there if I use the optical viewfinder. 2. In addition when the release button is half pressed and then release the aperture blades are moving step by step back and not fully opening in one step. So here are my questions: - can x100F user replicate this behavior (1&2)? Thank you for your feedback as this will help me to determine if I should return the camera. Please do not provide answers why this could be and that the camera is designed like this (its not a bug its a feature). As I said I just want to find out if it is my camera or if all cameras have the same behavior. BR Joe