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    Nikon F5 F100 D750
    Fuji X pro 2
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    Nikon : 24-120, 200-500, 50, 80-200, 105 micro 16-35
    Fuji 35 f2
  1. It was a real toss up between the two. What pushed me to the 18-55 was the image stabilization, a feature that was key for me.
  2. I absolutely love this little rangefinder! I am so glad I pulled the trigger on it. I just received delivery on the 18-55mm kens today. I hope to get out with it this weekend and seriously try it out!!
  3. I just found this website today, saw a few of your posts and checked out your blog. I love your work and truly have inspired me to SHOOT more and seriously consider starting my own blog. Your information shared is very appreciated, thank you. I will be checking out your work on instagram. Again thank you for sharing.
  4. New to the forum, Hi, long time Nikon user and just bought an X pro 2 last month with the 35mm lens I love the Fuji system. A little learning curve but a really FUN camera!
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