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  1. I didn't see any comments about this. Firmware version 2.10 has a large indicators mode. I've got the exposure compensation scale on the left, and shutter, aperature, and iso on the bottom. Not only are the indicators much easier to see, but the viewfinder looks cleaner (I turned off a bunch of icons). I have the mode assigned to a function button, so I can see the normal display with the focus/depth of field bar, if I get anxious about focus.
  2. I placed a little self-adhesive anti-slip pad between the view mode button and the ael/afl button and found it surprisely effective. It provides a tactile "home" location for my thumb, much like a thumb grip, but it doesn't interfere with any operations of the camera or change the form factor of the camera. In addition to proving a more secure grip, having a defined home position for my thumb helps me find other buttons easier. I originally tried placing it between the ael/afl button and the rear command dial, but found that having a smooth surface there is better for operation of the wheel.
  3. From the October exchanges above, I thought that "S (Switch)" mode for AEL/AFL caused auto-iso to work improperly, ie it would stick to the highest iso available. BUT . . . I found that was only partly true, at least for the X100F. Auto-ISO works properly - with switch mode on - if you assign AFL and AEL to other buttons. Here's what I tried: Case 1: AEL/AFL button still assigned to AEL/AFL, but AFL and AEL also assigned to other buttons. (I chose button 1 and 2), Switch mode turned on. Auto-ISO works properly - it adjusts through its full range. Case 2: AEL/AFL button assigned to something else (I chose DR). AFL assigned to button 1, AEL assigned to button 2, switch mode turned on. Again, Auto-ISO works as it should. Anybody want to replicate this?
  4. The P and S work as advertised. p locks while pressed. S locks with one press and unlocks with the second press. But the effect on auto iso seems bizarre. Why would locking focus force auto iso to its high limit? That would seem to be a firmware bug. I wonder if that was present from the beginning with auto iso, or if it appeared when newer cameras offered 3 ranges of auto iso. Does this happen on all the X cameras?
  5. Read Rico's article. Still not clear on this. Here is a vlog from Bert Stephani. Interesting.
  6. Well, there certainly seems to be uncertainty in this. I've seen (in jpegs) how DR can flatten contrast by doing some deliberate high contrast exposures. I haven't experimented with H and S tone settings much. One X-photographer - Bert Stephani - mentions using the tone settings to "protect highlights" and "protect shadows". Which is an interesting way to put it. But still - is this just a jpeg effect or is RAW also touched?
  7. Thanks for that insight, Rob. I just did a quick test to verify the P / S effect on Auto ISO, and it behaves as you described. With S selected, auto iso goes to the right to high limit. I'm still new with the camera and didn't notice that happening after I set the AE/AF lock mode to S. I always use aperture priority, so for me, auto iso then becomes similar to a manual setting but maybe having three preset choices is a little quicker than spinning the iso dial.
  8. My current favorite strap is from UK. " Nebula HL Thin Leather Camera Strap " from 565strapco. It's very soft and pliable Horween Chromexcel leather, so can be used as both neckstrap and wrist strap. No rivets or hardware except for the split-ring that attach to lugs. I'm in the US. Took about 2 weeks to receive it. I also have an upstrap, which has a grip pad on it. Stays on the shoulder fine, but doesn't rotate well when lifting the camera. Recommend either of these, though. I also have a wrist strap from JBdesigns. Very soft and pliable, but for me, the neckstrap is more versatile.
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