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  1. Thanks for the sage advice, @Christopher and @merlin! All great points. After an hour of playing around with the X100f and X-T2 at my local photo shop, I decided on the X-T2! It just felt better in my hand, the way I was able to focus and make setting adjustments. While I adore the vintage look and simplicity of the X100f, I think the X-T2 will be more versatile - slightly bulkier, but nowhere near my old DSLR. I bought the kit lens since I read it's a good deal if I'll need it at some point, but may get the 23mm as well and shoot mostly with that on our trip. It arrives Monday, will shoot for a few days and see if I have any buyers remorse vs. the X100f, but I think I'll be quite happy
  2. I'm considering migrating from a crop-frame DSLR (Nikon D90) to the well-loved mirrorless world of Fuji X. The impetus is my upcoming honeymoon, where we'll be taking our dream vacation to New Zealand and French Polynesia. I can hardly wait to get my eyes on those beautiful landscapes! I was looking at full-frame cameras from Nikon and Canon, but after spending an hour with a work colleague who's maniacal in his love for the X100 series, I've changed course. The challenges I face with my current DSLR (bulky for travel/hiking, multiple lenses but never change them, too much effort to let photos happen organically or take the camera out regularly), seem to be addressed with these smaller, but just as powerful, cameras. As I read more, my excitement increased - people are obsessed with the Fuji color, sensor, and engineering. I do have a few questions before I make the switch. For landscape photography, am I sacrificing up anything major by not going full-frame? Have you been satisfied with your shots in this area? X-T2 vs. X100F - is there one that you would recommend based on my anticipated usage? About me: mid-30's outdoor lover, photo enthusiast, loves photography for travel and capturing lifelong memories of friends/family/moments. As I mentioned, I'm pretty much sold on the smaller profile since I know I'll use the camera more often (vs. pulling out my phone), just wondering about image quality for this once-in-a-lifetime trip! Thanks in advance.
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