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    Fuji 14, 23,35,56,18-55,10-24. Leipzig 50 Summicron, 90 Summicron. Rokinon 8,12.

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  1. I have the Fotodiox Leica-Fuji lens adapter from Amazon and it works very well. I use it with my 50 mm rigid Summicron on my Xpro 1 and 2 bodies. I’m afraid I disagree with the previous poster re the Fuji Leica comparison. I still shoot film using my M4, M2 and M3 bodies with mainly legacy Summicron lenses. I had an M9 for a couple of years and sold it along with a 35 mm Summicron ASPH after making the comparison with my Fuji/XF23F1.4 lens. The Fuji is sharper at all apertures and has less vignetting at f2.0. I still love to shoot film with M4 and Summicron 50. The Fujis I have cannot compare to the viewfinder and physical experience of using a Leica M camera. The M9 however, kind of left me cold and the images were inferior to those from my Fuji equipment. But as they say, YMMV.
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