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  1. ive got a dark spot on my images(to the left near the center). I’ve cleaned the sensor and the lens. It’s still there, but it moves. Any idea?
  2. Going to Disney and will be doing a lot of night shots, with no flash. I currently have an xt20 with a fuji 27mm lens. I'm looking for another lens preferably a prime lens that will be nice with low light. I'm thinking the 35mm f2 or 50mm f2. Or should I look at getting the kit lens 18-55mm. Any suggestions or opinions?
  3. Wanted to say thanks for the help in picking out a camera. I went for the Xt1. The larger grip, view finder, and the deal with a free 35mm was hard to turn down. The price for the xt2 is just to hard to justify for a casual shooter.
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