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  1. Hi all. I'm new to zone focusing but I think I get the principles with good light. I like to shoot street and would really like to try some dusk/night or only available light images. Say I went wide open @ f2 on my x100t, is my range limited from 22ft onwards, which wouldn't be great, or are there ways of being that open but to have a reasonable range of say 6ft-12ft. Investigation naively on my part says that my DoF would be approx 1ft or maybe slightly less, give or take a few inches but this would make it impossible to get a reasonable shot in some sort of focus. Have I missed something in the forums that would help me or do I have to stick to f4 and crank the iso? I only ask as historically, music photographers must have used manual lens in fairly dark environs so there must be a way of doing this which I have missed or just aren't getting just yet. Thank you in advance for your help. Best, Mark
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