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  1. Thank you but I guess I wont have to do that yet. I just tried connecting again now and after 10 or more times of trying to select a function in the app and getting a can not connect error msg, it just suddenly started working again.. now I'm currently transferring photos to my phone using the app. So I guess this is a bug on either the camera firmware or the app..
  2. Hello Everyone, I need help with my Fujifilm X-A3. The wifi suddenly stopped working. It is transmitting signal to my iPhone 7 IOS 11.0.3 and I can still connect to it on the wifi settings on my phone but when I try to load the Fujifilm Cam Remote App and choose a function, it will only go on “Processing” for a couple of minutes then it will say “Can not connect”. And, on my Camera’s LCD screen it does not say that it is connected to my phone. Once it gives me the “Can not connect” msg on the App, my Camera gets stuck on the Wireless Communication screen where it’s still running. I tried turning it off but it wont. It will only turn off if I remove the battery. Anyone knows what’s going on with my camera? It was working fine 2 days ago..
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