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  1. I had the same problem. Kiwi's a little cranky but his / her advice will work. Here's another work around: Foodforthabees is correct when they said you cannot view the images saved on internal memory when there is a card in the camera. You can only view the internal memory images when there is NOT a card in the camera. Without a card installed you CAN see the internal memory images, but if you try to COPY, it says "No SD Card Installed!". An obvious bug / catch 22 that I hope Fuji fixed on subsequent cameras. I'm a Mac person, so PC people will have to modify. With camera OFF and without any memory card installed, connect to computer via USB cable that came with the camera (connect directly to the computer - not the keyboard or an external hub) Don't turn the camera on. Just press the play button (green arrow) On your computer, open "Image Capture" application ( it comes with all Macs - located in Applications folder) Within the Image Capture application, select Fuji X10 in sidebar, select the images, and click Import You can also check off the option to "delete after import" to clear the images from the camera memory. If you're on a PC you could also use the Fuji software that came with the camera to import the images, but you'll need to attach the camera as mentioned above. Good luck!
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