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  1. Nope. No signs of buffering whatsoever..the camera simply looks as when it's off
  2. That's exactly my point and that's why I'm concerned.. I use a Lexar SDXC 64GB, 633x 95MB/s not the fastest but definitely does a fair job. I'll try to do what you suggested, wait for a couple of minutes and see what happens. Fingers crossed! Thank you all!
  3. Hi everybody! I'm new to the community, I signed up because I've been having some problems with my brand new Fujifilm x100F which I bought only a couple of months ago. It has already happened several times that while shooting RAW on continuous mode (8.0 fps) the camera would suddenly stop recording. I'll try to be as clear as possible: I focus, start shooting continuously (keeping the shutter button down), after a couple of seconds the camera stops shooting and shuts down completely (the LCD goes black). I try switch it off and back on but nothing happens. It only starts working again after I take out the battery and put it back in. The strange thing is that this doesn't happen all the time! Only sometimes, every now and then, completely out of the blue. And it's very annoying, especially because it caused me to miss out on some great shots. Does anyone have a clue of what the problem might be? Thank you!
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