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  1. Putting feelers out there. Thinking of selling all my Fuji gear. Would prefer to sell it all as a package deal. Here is the full list of gear: CAMERA BODIES XT-2 XT-1 XE-1 FUJI LENSES 50-140 56 (not the apd version) 18-55 ZEISS TOUIT LENSES 12mm f2.8 33mm f1.8 ROKINON LENSES 8mm 21mm ACCESSORIES XT-2 booster grip XT-1 L-bracket Trigger trap dongle 7 total batteries and 5 chargers Owners manuals and some boxes. Not sure what I have boxes for and what I don't. I would like to get $5750 for the entire lot. The equipment is all in like new condition. I baby my equipment and it hasn't been getting much use, a big reason why I'm thinking of selling. really want to sell it as a package but go ahead and give me offers.
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