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  1. Reformatting the camera seems to have fixed the problem. I took another trial photo and yes, the memory LED now blinks. it seems to be alternating between orange and green, but it is recording the images to the card. I have attempted to clear the internal memory, which says it is full if the card is out of the camera. There are seven old photos from before I received the camera. I poked around the forum to see how to clear the internal memory and followed the directions, but the images were still there. I'm not good at reading manuals (too impatient!) but I forced myself to do it and did find out how to removed those old photos. Maybe all will be well now. Thank you!
  2. I"m not sure what reformatting the card would do. The card is fine. I can do the factory reset, though. Thanks. I reset the camera and yay! That did the trick! Thank you.
  3. I was given a used X10 as a gift recently, and have been playing with it just fine. It took photos, I downloaded photos to my PC. However yesterday it suddenly decided to stop saving photos to its internal memory or to the memory card. I have been poking around the manual + forums + Googling the problem but haven't even come up with anyone else having it. Did I accidentally press some button that prevents images from being stored anywhere? Note that I retrieved some old photos from the former owner from the internal memory (nothing overly incriminating!) so I know my photos are not there. I also tested the memory card and it is fine, too. It accepts new files, but of course if the camera's not creating new files there's nothing to save to the card. I hope this has a simple solution because I was liking the X10 very much!
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