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  1. I bought my first X100 in 2012 and since then sold and bought another X100, an X100S and an X100T. I recently sold the 'T' as I wasn't using it much (I preferred my X-T1 and X-E2) but only weeks later after selling it, I got the X100 withdrawals. I toyed with the idea of getting the new 'F' model but could not justify the high price tag. Then it dawned to me that looking back at the photos of my original X100 have always been some of my favourites, to dismiss the idea of further upgrading of the X100 series and in fact look at purchasing another original, as the Bayer sensor IMHO had something special over the new ones, especially when taking portraits (the skin tones are just so much better, without the 'waxy look'). I ended up scoring a mint condition, Limited Edition black X100 with the special gift pack #07253/10000 for only $300.- + extras including lensmate thumbrest, J.B. half case, Miniway wrist strap, extra battery & SD card! This is my fifth X100 series camera and it will be my last. I won't let this one go...ever
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