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  1. Hello Anne, Strangely enough I was talking to a friend last night about my using Adobe DNG. He had never heard of it. He too has issues with his raw images in PS6. I cannot recall his camera though not a fuji. Some scoff at DNG but it is no hassle whatsoever and just takes a few extra seconds to convert the RAF files into DNG s which then open automatically into PS6 raw converter. Adobe DNG is free and very straight forward in downloading and it's usage. Go for it. Anthony
  2. Hi ejbarto, I took my faulty XT10 back to the retailer John Lewis as it had a two year guarentee on Monday morning. I will hopefully have it back in a few days??? I am glad I never endeavoured to repair it myself as I read on some forum that evidence of such might invalidate the Fujifilm warrenty. All the best but as you have it working again it should be fine. Anthony
  3. I have had my XT10 since Jan2017 and recently the playback button has stopped working. The small arrow icon has rotated too. It is still under the retailers warranty so it will be going back. Wondered if this was a known problem or an isolated incident? Anthony