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  1. If Fuji released an X100F with the 15-45mm zoom insteard of the 23mm lens would it sell? The lens is really compact so I am sure a version could be made for the X100 but it is a slow lens so I am not sure people would pay the money.
  2. I saw the H1 in shops in Tokyo yesterday, I could have just bought one there and then amazing.
  3. Why on earth do you need to take between 1000-3000 images at a wedding, how many duffs do you take?
  4. I have just bee through this excessive. I wanted something smart that would accomodate what I would need in a days shoot, not all my kit at once. I wanted a smart leather case and I wanted to keep it as small and light so that I woudl use it. I know habing owned a Contax 645 that if a camera is too heavy it stays at home. So first up The Breaus bag I really like this bag but I wonder if it is too big. It is a lot of money to spend and find it is not what you want. I think that the quality is amazing and there are a range of finishes. See here:- http://www.angelo-pelle.com/breus-bag.html Then the next bag I found was The Richmond This is a lovely bag but I am looking to carry a X-Pro 2 with one lens attached + 2 more and I am not sure if they will fit, they probably will but I have decided to pass, but there are a lot more poto's here. https://www.montgobags.com/product/richmond-leather-dslr-camera-bag/ Then I found this "Womens" bag, I have no idea why they call it that but it is a nice bag for one camera and a lens, I thought maybe I could get this for touristing and get the Breus for serious photography more photo's here https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/197460307/travel-set-the-weekender-brandy-leather?ref=related-1 Howeve I then found The Carva 10 With fuji Cameras see here:- http://findingrange.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Cravar-Rana-10-Camera-Bag-Review-Fuji-X-Series-795x530.jpg I love this bag, and so this is the bag I have ordered. The fully body shot gives a really good idea of the size and I thnk it is the right compromise between carring too much and enough. They have a large range of camera bags but all seem to be on a long lead time. Link:- https://www.cravar.com/collections/bags-rana I am not connected with any of these companies I just think that smart cameras need smart bags.
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