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  1. Hi, do you have blurry photos on all your pictures or are those blurry randomly (especially on the same scenery)? Jiri
  2. That's right. I would prefer fixing of the problem and relaxing when taking the pictures though. Jiri
  3. Dear veejaycee, thank you for the comments. I have the motherboard already replaced - the issue susstain. The percentage of blurry photos dicrease but not significantly. It is high and unacceptable. I mentioned that the beeping was on to support the claim, that Fuji X-T2 camera indicates focusing (by beeping), while it is NOT properly focused. Otherwise I never use this function. It would be a shame if I have to focus manually with the camera of this price level. Jiri
  4. Hi, my problems are well described for example on this conference: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59776315. There are others as well to support the argument, that the problem is in the Autofocus of Fuji X-T2 body and not lenses (eg. 16-55/2.8, 18-55/2.8-4.0 even 50-140mm f/2,8 etc.) The main problem is, that the focusing points indicate (by changing of the color to green and by beeping) that the camera is focused while it is NOT, i.e. not focused to the area of the indicated focusing poins. When focusing to the sky with fog the focusing indicator properly informs that it is not focused (by changing to red color and not beeping). In my case the blurry pictures were taken with Focus Mode selector on „s“ + Drive Dial mode on „S“, i.e. single shot/single frame, mainly using middle size focusing area (3x3 points). Nevertheless the blurry photos are produced also for single focusing point. It is also possible to see the indication of the focusing problem with AF Distance indicator (Camera setup. “Disp. Custom Setting – AF Distance indicator – ON”). This indicator shows wrong distance for blurry photos. For example: If we take landscape picture with the distance of 10m to infinity then after several half pressing of the shutter button (focusing) we can see wrong distance on the indicator – let’s say we get 1,5m-3,0m instead of correct 10m – infinity. The fosucing points that are located in the area of 10m – infinity wrongly indicate, that is focused (by changing of the color to green and by beeping). From the pictures that have some foreground it is also obvious, that the camera is focused to much shorter distance than that would correspond to the indicated focusing points. That would also explain fully blurry photos of some landscapes that do not have any foreground. Camera is most probably focused to e.g. 1,5m-3,0m instead to infinity. Thanks in advance for your comments / recommendations, Jiri
  5. Dear Gusuemura, what is the result of your problems with the camera? I have similar problems but I am pretty sure, that it is caused by the X-T2 body and not lenses. Jiri
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