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  1. Thanks for the reply! I can’t even find a macro setting on the F. I don’t think it’s a feature you have to enable any longer: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/60949796 I don’t have any filters on...and I’ve done a factory reset which should definitely get it back to working settings. :(
  2. Well, got my camera back from Fuji repair. The tech wrote: "Replaced front const and lens. Checked and cleaned." I put in my battery, turned it on and it was in OVF mode (all settings reset to factory default). Flipped the switch once and the little focus assist appeared in the lower right! Tried to switch it back... and nothing. Tried flipping the switch the other way (to EVF mode) and nothing. I restored my old settings from before I sent it off and now it's stuck back in EVF mode again. So maybe this had nothing to do with hardware at all and there's something else going on. But if I had some setting that was causing EVF mode to be stuck on, then restoring to factory should make everything work again, right?? What am I supposed to doooooooo.... The panel opens/closes correctly when doing something like opening the menu. It just doesn't respond to flipping the switch left/right on the front.
  3. Spoke to Fuji repair, they think it's either the front cover or lens assembly. Luckily it's under warranty. I'm gonna send it in after my trip next week. Thanks for the suggestions folks!
  4. I feel like I'm going crazy: after a full reset now it stays stuck with only the OVF! I can't get the EVF to come up, or the picture-in-picture focus preview/assist. After restoring my saved settings it goes back to my original issue: stuck in EVF. What is happening??
  5. I actually just found the Fuji Acquire software that lets you backup your settings to your computer, so I may just try this!
  6. I'll give this a try and report back, thanks! My shutter isn't stuck—it opens and closes when turning the camera on and off or get close enough to activate the eye sensor. This is the first time I've used the camera since installing the 2.0 firmware update, however...
  7. I've had my X100F since launch and it's never given me any trouble. Tonight I pulled it out in preparation for a trip and found that I can't switch to the OVF. The toggle switch left/right does nothing—no sound, no image flicker, nothing. The EVF just stays displayed as if I did nothing. The shutter on the viewfinder opens/closes properly when I bring it up to my eye, and switching to/from Viewfinder Only mode works great. I've seen lots of threads with this happening on the X100T or S because of macro mode but obviously that isn't an issue on the F. I also saw some suggestions about AF single vs. multi point, but again, not an issue on the F. Any ideas? Thanks!
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