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  1. I don't understand why bokeh has become so important in lens quality. A few years ago Bokeh was so well known we would have looked for it on a Japanese menu. Concern over the quality of blur was never considered. I have been an avid photographer for over 50 years, "out of focus background using depth of field" was common practice as it is now.But why the emphasise on Bokeh? It seems that every lens review needs to mention "Bokeh". Manufacturers talk about it as if its one of the major features. Forums discuss it all the time. Did Cartier Bresson worry about it? Don Mcullin doesn't seem concerned. Has Rankin discussed it? Etc.Etc. An image with wide aperture out of focus background is highlighting the subject.Not highlighting the quality of the fuzz behind. Is it not? I suggest its just another manufacturers ploy to add to the reasons why you should purchase my lens. Is it not similar to the motor industries go "faster stripe" pitches.
  2. I tried to take a photo of the man with the red flag in front of the car (Well not quite) I remember camera shop sales staff who new what depth of field was.
  3. Now you have confirmation from Fujifilm Manila that the lens is faulty, Why not contact the dealer in the U.S. and see what they will do about it?
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