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  1. Sorry ton insist but I posted a picture as you asked me. I was thinking: maybe i do no export the jpeg with good settings in lightroom ? What are the best settings to export a photo for printing ? Thank you !
  2. Thank you for your help ! So... must I sold it ? Because I don't want to lose a contest or to be desapointed because of that... I try to win a contest organized by the RATP, the Paris subway. They will published the pictures in all the stations. In very big size... If it s blurry or unsharped it will be bad for me !
  3. Ouch... So there's no way to print pictures from it ? I would be a shame ! I hope it's not only an Instagram camera !!
  4. Hello ! I'm thinking about beginning to print my pictures taken with the X100F. Is the quality of this camera enough to do it ? I noticed, when I zoom a lot on a raw or jpeg file, some kind of blurry ugly effect. Like it seems the sharpness isn't really good. Did you have the same problem ? Thank you ! Have a good day !
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