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  1. Thank you for deep technical info. With reference to your comment the camera and the lense dont have any problem. I am i right?
  2. Sorry for late reply. I should have taken some shots with your recommendations. Yes i have problem with some photos. Close range is good (unfortunately i cannot upload pictures here due to size limit), but landscape photography is the problem. When I took photos of landscape, when i zoom in at the pictures, they are very blurry. https://500px.com/photo/256777563/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256776997/dscf-by-mus2 Hi Vic, It took little time to borrow tripod and the results are here: https://500px.com/photo/256778029/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256776997/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256777215/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256776993/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256776947/dscf-by-mus2 https://500px.com/photo/256776783/dscf-by-mus2 I have used the so called "wide tracking - ALL in box" focus mode for all the picture except the ones with duck. Do you have any recommendation? Am I the problem or the camera has problem? Thanks for your reply and also others in advance.
  3. Hello experts, I bought my XT2 and 16-55 F2.8 about three month ago. I have the same problem, pictures are blurry and not sharp for both close and long range, however close range is sometimes better. I am not a pro fotographer and desprately need to find out the cuase of problem. How can I check whether I have the same problem or not? tnx in advance
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