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  1. NickC42

    Image capture

    Has the camera changed to compressed RAW and does Image Capture support this? Just a thought as I don’t use Mac. one option would be to use the Adobe DNG converter to change the RAF files to DNG. Image Capture should support that.
  2. I think the Ricoh dust issue is a bit overblown. I haven’t had a problem in the 4+ years of ownership. I never put it naked in a trouser pocket, preferring a belt case. I have even had it covered in tree pollen when I got a bit close for a macro! Just blew it off and no problem.
  3. I had the S and upgraded to the T. There’s no difference in the IQ between those 2 but the handling is vastly improved on the T. As a mainly aperture priority shooter the aperture setting on the S leaves a lot to be desired. You can only set full stops using the aperture ring and then have to use the command dial to set thirds. The T lets you do thirds from the ring. The viewfinder is also improved with the “rangefinder “ option. So of those 2 I’d definitely choose the T. I now have the F, but only for a week so haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Like you my main system is mft but I like the limitation of a single focal length. My go anywhere camera is the Ricoh GR as it’s quite a bit smaller than even the X100 range.
  4. No. Just use the images in Adobe products as usual. You do need to process the Xtrans RAW files a bit differently to get the best out of them, particularly with regards to sharpening. Google Xtrans raw processing. The jpegs will be fine.
  5. NickC42

    X100F with 15-45mm?

    The optical viewfinder, the main differentiator for the X100 line, would be useless. So might as well buy an XE3 with the 15-45 lens.
  6. I’d like weather resistance. That’s about it.
  7. I thought I had this problem with my X100T but it was just that I was in MF and had focussed too close. Focusing on a distant object enabled the lever to work. Your issue may be different of course.