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  1. The camera came back in less than a week , the bug has gone and the camera is spankingly clean....and no cost Very pleased with the level of service from Fuji Uk
  2. Fuji UK it is - they have now received my camera so hopefully it will be sorted. I have to say I couldn't see any sign of the insect on photos.....still not sure how on earth it got there though!
  3. Just as an update to this. I contacted Fuji and even though the camera is no longer under warranty they have told me to send it in as a warranty repair for inspection Assuming they sort this then I can't fault their service I'll update when I know
  4. Yeh very odd. It just appeared there last week. I can't get it to move at all. I have emailed fuji so will have to see if they get back to me
  5. Hi I have an insect of some sort behind the glass on my x100s There is no filter or anything on the front of the camera - this is behind the lens glass The camera is of course out of warranty but just wondered if this has happened to anyone before? Did you fix it or did Fuji fix it? Hope you can help! Thanks
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