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  1. Hi, I am a fairly new user to X-T2 and have been using it since January this year. During a shoot today, it was working perfectly fine until I switched to panorama after which it gives me a pitch black screen both in preview and after capture regardless of whichever settings I use it with. Apart from this, everything seems to be working fine, LCD is fully functional and I can see settings, review images taken previously. If I press down the shutter button, it gives me the sound but the image is completely black. I am using Fuji 23mm/f2, original Fuji battery, ScanDisk memory card, latest 4.01 firmware (and yes lens cap was off). I have reset the camera a couple of times, removed lens and cleaned the connecting ports but to no avail. I have never dropped the body or the lens so completely confused as to what could suddenly go wrong as one second it was working perfectly and then it just gets black screen. Would really appreciate help on this.
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