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    EVF Lag

    Thanks James, useful info!
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    EVF Lag

    Thanks James, that's interesting info and yes I am a little late to the discussion... google brought me to your post! My original plan had been my XT20 to be my testing the water and to build up my lenses using it and then switch to the XH1 or it's successor down the line but the lag issue really puts me off. I suppose the LCD probably does help, but I take it the XH1 has a similar eye sensor lag time then? The other thing that is a shame is that I do find that shooting with LCD has a role to play in the reportage environment... occasionally it's really handy to be able to lift the camera high up or down low, or to shoot discreetly. It worked really well on my old Nikon because the default was viewfinder (obviously) but by pressing a button you could quickly switch to LCD live-view and back when needed On the XH1, what's it like switching between view modes? Is it still a slow cycles? (EVF only, EVF + eyesensor, eyesensor, LCD only...) I have one other question for you that you may or may not be able to help with as a wedding photographer... I shoot events occasionally and another massive weakness I've found with Fuji (coming from DSLR) is speedlight support when mounted to the hotshoe... Fuji cams don't seem to be able to utilise the speedlight AF assist lamps which on DSRL's I've always found to be essential for quickly grabbing focus in low light. Do you know if this also true with the XT2 and the XH1? Perhaps you don't shoot any of the dancing etc with a mounted speed light at weddings, although I did used to sometimes keep it mounted with the flash turned off, just to use the AF assist when shooting with fast primes in low light... Thanks again for the info!
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    EVF Lag

    Totally with you here. Just got back from travelling with the XT20 and whilst I absolutely love many aspects of the camera and took some photos I love with it, I missed SO MANY moments because of this issue. Also bewildered as to why this isn’t more of a massive issue identified in reviews if the X series cameras. Perhaps not as much as an issue for landscape and studio photographers but for street, wedding, reportage or any kind of ‘capture the moment’ work it seems just too hi a trade off. Even when I take portrait snaps of family/friends they delay is enough for them to go from natural smile to forced/awkward smile. 1 sec doesn’t sound long but an expression can totally change in less much than that. James - did you go back to DSLR? I ask because I’m going to email Fuji as I want to let them know that the issue is a problem for me and losing them customers. It certainly has stoppped me from buying any more Fuji glass and investing any further in their system and may even sell at some point. Anyone who is having the same issue I urge you to do the same, the only way any change will happen is that if Fuji know this is an issue. Some other thoughts on the issue: - Whilst i’ve just said the we need to let Fuji know that it’s an issue, I find it astonishing that we do - I feel like being ready to take pictures ASAP is one of the basic fundamentals that any expensive camera should be able to do, and if there are technical limitations to the eyesensor/EVF tech these should be minimised by the user interface as much as possible. My 40 year old Pentax k1000 currently trounces my Fuji when it comes to this functionality! - If there is no way around the lag time itself I think that the single biggest improvement would be a fast way of switching quickly back and forth between LCD and EVF by way of a responsive switch (so not relying on the eye sensor at all) The view mode buttton (on my XT20 at least) is slow to respond and I have to cycle through a number of modes to get the one I want, so switching from LCD to EVF this way in the heat of the moment, or in the other direction to quickly change settings, is not an option. I feel like this could be addressed in firmware update; the user could customise which modes they want available. Better still would be a physical switch with two positions (rather than a push button) so that even when the camera isn’t at my eye I can see/feel which sceen is active, and change it myself rather than wait for the eye sensor to get its shit together. My XT20 has a completely unused switch that would do the job perfectly discretely sat under the shutter speed dial, it’s the switch to go between manual and full auto mode (appreciate that the XT2 won’t have this) How I wish I could give this switch a new purpose! - Settings available on the back whilst EVF always on would be a helpful step forward. In particular changing settings within the main menu whilst looking through the EVF is a really horrible thing to do when working in any sort of fast moving environment as you have no idea what’s going on around you; you could be missing the moment, accidentally pointing the camera at someone you don’t mean to (i’ve just got back from russia and was changing settings, when zip lowered the cam I had been aiming at a police man who was glaring at me) or not be aware of dangers (such as cars). However sadly I presume that this is never going to be an option as i guess it is limited by the camera’s ability to produce only one output feed at once (ie it won’t have the hardware ability to be able to be run a dual screen set up... not sure if this is correct or not) The settings issue is even more of a problem on lenses the zooms lenses that have the aperture ring without physical stops (essentially just a big DSLR style command wheel but on the lens instead of the body) as you don’t know what aperture you have selected until the screen is functioning. - I’ve tried to train myself to cover the eye sensor with my thumb as soon a shot i realise i am going to be using the EVF but even so the time it takes me to lift the camera to my eye is much shorter than the time it takes the EVF to activate even once the eye sensor has been unequivocally covered. - Another issue that has been highlighted in other posts i’ve come across that it’s worth knowing about is that if you’re turning the camera on from off with the eye sensor already covered this actually takes the camera even longer to activate the EVF than if you let it turn on into LCD mode and then raise to your eye. - Finally, i’ve read quite a few Fuji fans defend these cameras along the lines that they are meant for slow complentstive photography or whatever. Obviously BS given that they have fast FPS abilities. I’ve also been told that if I wanted immediate viewfinder abilities so should be using an x-pro camera, but actually have the X100t and even in optical mode there is a similar delay for the overlay to pop up during which time you can’t frame, focus or see setting info.