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  1. sencci

    XC 16-50mm or XC15-45mm

    I have an offer for used X-T10 + 18-55 + two batteries and with a Nikon adapter, all for 500 EUR, while the new X-T20 with 16-50 II costs about 800 EUR. It's really worth the extra money, comparing these specific offers? It's worth investing in longer runs for my final decision?
  2. sencci

    XC 16-50mm or XC15-45mm

    Finally, I have to make a decision between the X-T20 + 16-50II (new) and the X-T10 + 18-55 (used). Although the 18-55 is slightly a better lens, but the X-T20 without a dilemma is a better and new body, what do you think is the better final choice?
  3. sencci

    XC 16-50mm or XC15-45mm

    Thanks! This sounds great!
  4. sencci

    XC 16-50mm or XC15-45mm

    Thank you for your reply. I definitely do not have any more dilemmas, I think I will buy 16-50 II instead of 15-45. In the meantime, I looked this comparison of 16-50 vs 18-55 lenses: https://youtu.be/sBTawBOnZr4 Although the obvious difference between these two lenses displayed in the video might have an effect on me, I hope it will not disappoint me if I buy 16-50 however. Despite the video comparison, I still belive it's not such a difference in IQ, which is the difference in price. After a while, I'd rather buy some prime. Maybe I'm wrong?
  5. Hello everyone. I am looking for backup camera (have dslr Nikon D7100), for everyday (mostly) street photography camera. I decided to buy body Fujifilm X-T20. I know that the prime lenses are the best, and also know that zoom lenses like 18-55 mm and 16-55 mm are one of the best. But I'm limited by the budget and I want to choose between the two cheapest zoom lens kit for now. I'll be upgrading later. I'am new in world of mirrorless. But I have read many positive reviews for Fujinon kit lenses, like they are much better than a Nikon or Canon kit lens. So for comparison purposes, can I expect (at the least) that they are as good as eg. Tamron 17-50 mm lens (I use on dslr) , regarding focusing, sharpness, distortion, etc ..? According to the their specifications, 15-45mm is smaller and lighter (it is good), but I am not sure about OIS PZ - whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage of this lens (faster battery consumption, each time pulling out, etc.) Any useful informations? So, what budget lens is better to buy with X-T20: XC 16-50mm OIS II or XC 15-45mm OIS PZ? Thanks,